Thursday, April 17, 2014

Redbud Nuclear Winter

Last Saturday was a beautiful spring day.  To me it felt downright hot as I pedaled my bike around the Cumberland Plateau.  

A lingering winter has delayed my body acclimating to warmer weather.  Thankfully I got to sit in an air conditioned cubicle all day on Monday, and THANKFULLY the high was only in the 30s on Tuesday.  The heavy wet snow was a nice touch.

The redbuds had just popped on Saturday.  They were sometimes hard to spot, and the expected splash of color just wasn't there.  By Tuesday there was a lot of purplish-pink splatters across the landscape, along with a hearty green tinge.  


Of course all of this was over-blanketed with white.  It was bizarre to see so much color under the snow.  

It was a brief return of winter.  2014 is kind of a winter zombie, undead and stalking our collective sanity, hangry for our brains.  Hopefully the decapitating relative warmth of the latter part of the week will end this horror/drama/comedy b-movie of seasons and we can just get on with the summer blockbusters.

I had a nice ride with my librarian yesterday eve' and I applied some highly technical gear to Tharp Ridge Road (the infamous "Water Church Hill") and determined its crux grade is nearly 17%.  I replicated the Star Trek-ish technology to Steamshovel Hill on the way home only to be shocked at its mere 16.6% grade.  Scandalous!

Of course you know what this means...this will be the summer of grade inventories...assuming it ever becomes summer.  This might just turn into Cycling Season Z.

Early morning in Stanton

Later on Tuesday near the state Capitol

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