Friday, April 25, 2014

THAT Kind of Transportation Planner

May is Bike Month.  I’m ready.  I’ve set up a meeting in my office to form a Bike Lexington Commuter Challenge team.  I’ve gathered all of the Bike Month, Bike Week, Bike to Work Day, Bike to School, and National Bike Challenge materials ready for saturation bombing.

I got all riled up and then realized that I will be at the Kentucky APA conference in Carrollton for three days of Bike Week and on Bike to Work Day.  Well…dernit.

Doesn’t matter.  I’ll be promoting the bike propaganda with abandon anyway. 

Regardless of whether or not there is any interest in my office I will be participating in both the commuter challenge and the national bike challenge.  Just for fun.

To get in the spirit of things I rode downtown for the Lexington Area MPO’s Transportation Policy Committee meeting on Wednesday.  It took 23 minutes to travel 5.4 miles halfway across town through windy suburbs.  I doubt I could have driven, parked, and walked to the council chambers in that amount of time.  The 23 minutes was basically door-to-door.  It took ten seconds to lock up the bike and I was inside signing in with security.

In the next two weeks I have FOUR meetings in town.  One is downtown again (BPAC) and the other three are all the way across town at the KYTC District 7 offices which is 8 miles one way.  But again, I think I can make it across town on the bike almost as fast as I could drive around town. 

And then there’s the KAPA conference.  It’s 107 miles from my house.  I can do that in a day.  Conference commute?

I was supposed to rip the CTL apart for bailing on me this weekend.  I decided to live and let live.  Lord knows I've bailed too many times on people.  But hopefully there will be a lot of good time spent in the sun by all this weekend.

And why not ride my bike across town to a meeting?


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