Friday, May 9, 2014

Field Work Friday: Work-horsing Around

It’s another Field Work Friday!

Today I’m in Larryburg (halfway between Moetropolis and Curlyville) collecting bicycle-pedestrian infrastructure data.  I was in Gay Paree earlier in the week.  It’s a hard, sweaty job, but somebody’s got to do it.  I utilized the utility bike in Paris.  It worked rather well, but after lunch I opted to park downtown and walk instead of trying to ride block-to-block.

I’ll have more to report come Monday.  Or maybe I won’t.  Next week is going to be ridiculously busy.  I’ve got a big committee meeting, two public meetings, a state rail planning meeting, and the state APA conference.  So much for Bike to Work Week/Day.

Yesterday I took a lunch ride at Vet Park.  As I approached the beginning of the blue loop for a third lap I heard a loud pop.  I guessed it right: broken spoke. 

This is not good as I really need to be riding the MTB as much as possible these days in preparation for my utter destruction in Loudonville in three weeks.  So I’ve got to scramble, get a replacement spoke, and sweet talk Jeaphro into truing my wheel ASAP.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t forget about it.

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