Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Not the Heat, It's the Reality

I hate spring.  By the end of winter you just want to be outside without numb toes or windburnt cheeks.  Spring rolls in, everything turns green promising blue skies and sunny days, and for a few days at least life is good.  Then it gets hot.  Walking in the woods becomes an awkward dance of avoiding spiderwebs and skipping over snake look-a-like branches.  Bugs bite.  Lawns grow.  Spring rains turn into summer saunas.

My hope for the Mohican is cool temps and low humidity.  According to online sources (I know, pathetic, but still better than a weather rock) the weather looks great.  I am stoked.  Stoke-ED.
Y’know, I’m just going for a long mountain bike ride on Saturday.  It’ll be fun.
What happens when I get back?  Well, I begin running.  I want to be as fit as I can be by September.  I want to lose all of my lazy-fat and get slim and fit.  I want to be a well-oiled machine come Rugged Red time.  And I want to feel like I have a fighting chance at completing a 50k trail run around the time of the Cloudsplitter 100.  We’ll see what happens then.
Bike shop guy informed me that I have a Strava fan.  The guy’s faster than me, a better climber on the bike, but he has been perusing my rides because I pick good routes.  To me that’s a hard-to-beat compliment.  I’d rather someone be excited because I turned them onto an enjoyable route than feel crushed because they can’t steal a KOM away from me.
But if I lose 30 pounds he won’t be able to steal away any more from me.
Ah, it’s all in good fun!  Right?
This week has been a whirlwind of good ju-ju.  I’m on the cusp of being a certified planner.  Some things are churning behind the scenes that might just play out into a huge career step for me.  And my community is moving along a progressive and encouraging path.  I’m trying to be the one to bring all the existing threads and strands of effort together into one cohesive cord. 
The more I talk with people the more positive energy gets a-boilin’ and the closer we’ll be to seeing some real beneficial plans and actions. 
I’m posting this late on Thursday.  I was out this morning on a field trip and was unable to get something posted before lunch.  I’ve been nibbling at this post for a few hours in between other things.  I apologize in advance, but I promise by Monday you’ll most likely have a long, drawn out, ramblicious, and hilarity-filled Mohican 100k trip report.
And I can say right up front: it ain’t no trip to Cleveland.



  1. Took the 16'er to the race eh? Nice!

    1. Its unconventional, but gives me a distinct edge. Distinct.