Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Testamonial Testifying

Recently it has come to my attention that my bloggular existence has—not low social proof but—negative social proof.
I'm a fairly smart guy, but I didn't know what any kind of social proof was.  And now you know that you didn't either.
In the article I read I learned that: "people need to believe that they are one member of a larger herd."  So I decided I could incorporate a few simple items to make you, my Dearest Readers, more comfortable in your cud-chewing glory.  I decided to compile some testimonials from my core reader group and share them with the world.  Without further ado…
On the academic stimulation of the blog:
"Your blog is like an intellectual oasis and this county is the Sahara."
"Really interesting story."
"You da man!"
On the emotional evocativeness of the blog:
"Reading your blog now and feeling unreliable"
"Are you alive?"
On the look of the blog(s):
"I really like the look
f the new PE."
"What's with the blog today?"
On posting and content in general:
"You might've jumped the shark with two-post Thursday"
"I have the same rants in my mind too!!"
"If you weren't on a family data plan I would be cussing a blue streak at you."
On the entertainment value of the blog:
"You're too creative for your own good man!"
"So funny even when you are cranky."
On the overall literary quality of the blog:
"I just finished reading your spill on your Saturday ride on The Chairing Report, and its like I could of written that piece myself."
Some personal observations/criticisms:
"I'm tellin ya you need a single speed!"
"I love you like a fat kid loves cake"
"I miss you like an idiot misses the point."
Okay, that last one was from my wife, but I think it supports the overall testimonial ambiance in this non-nutritional throw-away post.
Anyway, it’s obvious to me that my readers are here because they value a quality portal into the wit and wisdom of my literal decades of experience riding a bike and rooting around in the compost pile of the internet here on the…well, it’s not the Pavement’s Edge here, now, at this moment.
I was hoping you wouldn’t go there.  I know! I know!  I’ve been neglecting the new Pavement’s Edge page.  My big boy job has gotten the best of me.  I don’t have as much time to pontificate as I used to.  In fact, I’ve even been taking work home.  I know; it’s like the world has come to an end.
I’m hoping to get out ahead of the cubicle life a bit and write up a reservoir of content to trickle out to the world.  I’ve got lots of good ideas that need to be vetted to the world.  I really wanted to be ahead of this cyclist on Nicholasville Road issue, but once I realized that it was much more complex than it first seems I decided to back off until I had enough information to sound off with some semblance of reason.  Soon.  I promise…
Bike Month is pedaling on without me too.  I desperately want to be churning out some quality content from the Blog-o-Mill as the month progresses, but I know I’m going to be tied up with more pressing things until near the end of the month.  So be it.

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