Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mini-Holiday and Stuff

Inadvertently I ended up with a mini-vacation.  I had to take the day off on Wednesday because Mandy had all-day training and I needed to keep the kids from running amok.  Epic fail.  Amok they did run.  Early that morning I made my assault on Sizemore Mountain.  The rest of the day I hung with the minors.  Mandy pointed out that the weather was going to be superb on Thursday and that I was already off Friday for the Fourth.  Might as well take Thursday off too.  I was easy to convince.

Jeaph and I did our Berea ride on Thursday.  It was a good haul and sufficiently meekened me. 
Friday Bean and I made a run to town on the X to get some posterboard for her burgeoning bracelet enterprise.  Along the way we came across a compelling photo op.
Equitable cargo and passenger capacity
We were invited to a Fourth of July shindig at the Moz’s in-laws.  Lily and the Mozhican girls set up “booths” and charged friends and family money for facepainting and bracelets.  I’m thinking Jeff and I should have set up a bike repair or planning consultation booth.  Those kids made a fortune!  All-in-all it was a fine affair with lots of food, drink, and general family fun time.  The highlight of the party was Jefery’s DIY giganormous slip-n-slide.
The "Architect of Fun" at work

Just add sprinklers and dish soap!
There was epic slipping and sliding.  And since Dgeff and I had slightly more mass than all the kiddos we ended up slipping right off the end of the plastic.  I had a significant case of grass rash when I got home.  It stung.  A lot.
Saturday as I struggled to keep turning my cranks at the end of the bikecragging ordeal adventure I saw a curious appearance on Steamshovel Hill Road.  At first I was stoked because it looked like there was a new cyclist in town.  Of all the known cyclo-enthusiasts Mark is the only one in the area with a Surly.
But then I realized it might be retaliation for the Strava sticker I put in Gieph’s mailbox.  And the fi’zi:k sticker on the sign up the road from his house.  It occurred to me that maybe it was the Mozhican himself who had vandalized my main cycling access to the world.  Hence the second half of the text exchange.
Friday evening some of the other Chainrings that live nearby exploded a lot of illegal fireworks.  It was nice being able to watch a professional-scaled fireworks show from the comfort of our own yard.  I even got some photos.

Saturday the CTL and I did our mini-bikecragging adventure.  I was sufficiently wrecked afterward.  It wasn’t the riding that got me, it was all that darned climbing!  Sunday we visited a church in Lexington and then returned home for a fairly lazy afternoon.  As dinner approached I had the strong urge to extract some vegetable matter from the ground and heat and consume it along with some ground up cow charred on a grill.  While Mandy was out at the store I dug potatoes, picked green beans and broccoli and cooked it all up.  I think I even shocked myself.

I didn’t even feel bad about eating until my gut ruptured.  And since I’m down in this hospital bed recovering from my food overdose I have plenty of time to blog.  Can you see how much the quality of my posts has improved?

I’m hoping to be recovered enough to get back to running this week.  There are so many good running events upcoming.  And I have a marrow-deep desire to win the Rugged Red.  Win.


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