Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Charlie Sheen ain't got nothin' on me.  For years I've felt terribly unlucky when it comes to contests and the like.  I was the kid that never got anything cool at giveaways or in contests in school, and as an adult I've typically shied away from contests because I just didn't want to perpetuate the disappointment.

As an adult it seems as if things have really started to come around.  While we were in Colorado I won, a Klean Kanteen, a set of Blackburn bike lights, tickets to see the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks (by far the coolest thing I've ever won), and a free tune up at a local bike shop for cranking out the most miles during Movetober.  

On the flip side I've had requests to use various photographs for a travel web site (Schmap used my photo of the Brown Palace Hotel), a law firm's website (nighttime skyline of Denver), and in a web announcement for a birth (sunrise over a lake on my commute to work). 

Well, now I've won a set of waterproof Ortlieb panniers and bags after submitting a photo entitled "Got Fenders?" to the Alliance for Walking & Biking's Showers and Snow Photo Contest.  


I'm excited because this is a full set of panniers with handlebar bag and trunk bag.  My old panniers are an off brand and are not waterproof.  The rack clips broke out of the bag and I had to rig them up to keep working.  I've had them for years, but because of the unreliability haven't used them much.  They saw the most use pre-cargo bike when I was a full time bike commuter.

The tricky thing is that I don't really have a good touring bike other than my Xtracycle and I don't really need the bags to use it for touring.  Winning these bags has me thinking it might be time to seriously consider my next bike purchase.

That's really why I had started thinking about the Ogre and the Fargo.  The Fargo could easily be a solid commuter/touring bike.  The Ogre is a good bikepacking platform, so it wouldn't be horrible as a tourer.  I'm basically trying to consolidate.  If I had a bike that could tour and ply singletrack I could get rid of The One or convert it to a SS trail park bike.

I also realized that we did have a full set of touring bags before.  I had a set of rear bags (mentioned above).  Tomahawk had given Mandy a set of smaller panniers that would work as front bags, and I have a decent handlebar bag.  Not to mention Santa Claus brought me a full set of Revelate Designs bikepacking bags this past Christmas.  I have yet to of them through the paces.

I could get a front pannier rack and Xtracycle P-racks for the Cannonball.  It really is a decent touring bike.  In fact, it's the only bike I've ever used for bikepacking/touring.  The biggest downfall is that the FreeRadical adds some weight.  It shouldn't be a deal-killer, but it's a factor.

Anyway, I'm sorry to dump these woes in your lap.  You must be near tears in raging sympathy for me.  Hopefully I'll be able to parlay these new bags into some blog fodder soon.

Note: no rack or fender mounts on this bike

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