Friday, August 22, 2014

Flip-Flop Cross-Trainer

Well this is quite the shocking plot twist.
When I was a mountain bike racer I considered incorporating running into my training.  Of course I never did, but I considered it.  Now that I’m hyperfocused on running races I’m considering using cycling or mountain biking as a low impact addition to my training regime.  Considering.  Of course Mandy and I need to ride more in the coming weeks as we have one more Kentucky Century Challenge ride to complete to be able to claim our jerseys. 
I finally see the real benefits of running.  I wish I had seen this back when I was on my way to Leadville in 2012 and 2013.  I find it much easier to analyze my diet and its relationship to performance as a runner than while cycling.  I think I’m able to fake performance on the bike, especially when I’m riding shorter distances.  You can’t fake running.  Especially when there is climbing and any amount of distance involved.
For once the sign is almost correct (4.7 miles for the loop)
The big day is a little more than two weeks out.  I’ve got two more weekends to do a couple of tapering long runs.  I’m excited about the Rugged Red.  What I hope is that it will go over so well that it becomes a strong annual event.  Joe and I have talked about adding some other events (road cycling and mountain biking) to create a small local race series.  For this year I’m going to shoot for placing in the masters division (40 and older) but for next year I want to be competitive with the entire field.  I’ve got a year to work on the things I need to perform at that level.  I know what I need to do I just need to work on finding the motivation and focus balanced with my other life to pull it off.
Another startling development in local trail running came in the form of a text message from none other than the Mozhican:

"This run" meaning the Rugged Red
As you can see, he deflected my most honorable challenge to try out for American Ninja Warrior and tried to steal my trail running thunder.  When I told Mandy he was planning on doing the Rugged Red she gave me a look.
“But this is your thing!”
I nodded knowingly.  She’s right.  There is the real threat that Jefe will make me look bad like he does on the bike. 
“Kick his ass,” she admonished.
I nodded again, and shared with her my quick-schemed plot to take him out early in the race.  It involves dynamite, pole vaulting, laughing gas, choppers – can you see how incredible this is going to be? Hang gliding, come on!
He took up running earlier this summer because he wanted to be able to get into some pick up soccer games at the city park.  I’ve been running because I want to do well in this race.  I’ve been trail running heavily.  I’ve been putting in long miles over hard trails.  My best hope is that Dgeff will have overestimated his abilities and will be at least a full five minutes behind me at the finish line.  I’m not telling him about raw nipples.  He can figure that one out on his own. 
The One* should be back together sometime this weekend.  I’m hoping to get in some lunchtime rides at Vet Park as the summer weather allows.  Jeff had recently mentioned a desire to go to Cave Run and ride too.  I want to go and check out the newest trails there and maybe explore a little further afield.  12 Hour of Capitol View is this coming Sunday, but I doubt I’ll make a showing.  This fall hopefully I can get back on the fat-tired steed and carve up some dirt.  I miss mountain biking. 
For now I have to focus on running Jeff into the ground.

*Nickname for my mountain bike, long story. 


  1. I like the "When I was a mountain bike racer" comment. You mean you have gotten that out of your system? :D

    1. Until I get the wheel back on my bike this weekend