Monday, August 25, 2014

Groggy Monday Update

On Friday Doug commented and asked the question: I like the "When I was a mountain bike racer" comment. You mean you have gotten that out of your system? :D
On Friday Casey at the LBS told me about a “free” 50 or 100 mile mountain bike race coming up next month in Georgia.
On Friday Wendy at the LBS said Mandy should attend the upcoming womens’ mountain bike clinic at CVP.
On Friday it rained enough to make me go out and check the family ark to make sure we had enough rations.
Clear Branch of Middle Fork in Slade on Saturday morning
On Friday I remembered that I am permanently infected with a disease, and the cure is more cowbell.  Race cowbell that is.
It’s true; the Fool’s Gold 50 & 100 is taking place on September 20 in Dahlonega, Georgia.  It’s also true that if you bring an adult volunteer with you that can help out for the duration your race is “free.”  Tom is skilled at both proofing and sweeping.  I think that could count double duty for me and *Jeff.  That would put the September schedule looking something like this:
Rugged Red trail half marathon

Hub City Tour century ride (totally unprepared)

Fool’s Gold (most foolish thing I’ve ever conceived of doing with so little preparation)

And of course the Cloudsplitter is two weeks after the Fool’s Gold race.
Nah, not going to do it.  When I peeked at the calendar I saw that Lily has cross country meets on the 13th and the 20th, and I just can’t justify skipping out on her meets two weekends in a row.  My parents didn’t come to any of my meets the year I ran cross country; and while at the time I didn’t care now I look back and wish they had been slightly more interested in what I was doing.  More interested or more able to attend anyway. 
There’s a meet the day of the Cloudsplitter too.  Of course what I’ve decided to not decide about Cloudsplitter is that since there is day-of registration and the 25k begins at 10:00am if I can zip down early that morning, do the race, and return like lightning then I might do it.  The medal is pretty cool.  My goal for next year is to do the 50k Cloudsplitter.  Eventually I want to do the full monty century run, but I’m not putting that down in black and white until I’ve got some shorter runs under my waistband.
The only important participatory event for me right now is the Rugged Red.  I also want to do Hub City to get another Century Challenge jersey, but I’ve even resolved that if I don’t get it I’ll be okay with that too.
I feel pretty good about the upcoming run.  The next two weeks you’ll be seeing trailrunning posts reach a fever pitch.  Heck, you might even see a three post day (throwback from my Pavements Edge days). 
This is kind of a throwaway post today.  I had intended to flesh this out a bit more before flinging it up against the graffiti-covered wall of this internet overpass.  Tomorrow I’ll slap up a trip report from my trail run with Jeaphre.  *Yes, that Djeff.  Until then just be at peace in the knowledge that you can have an allergic reaction to horse fly bites.  If you’re bitten multiple times then the effects may be compounded. 
And pumping yourself full of Benadryl does not make for a productive day.

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