Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Laborious Bloggitude

The theme for September is going to be The Big Rewrite.  The goal is to crank out another NaNoWriMo speed draft of my book Leadville or Bust by the end of September.  To accomplish this I think I need to focus my writing energies on that effort and take a temporary hiatus from the blog.  Or at least go on a less regular posting schedule.  Maybe throw “schedule” out the window for the month.
Of course I’ll write up the Rugged Red.  I’m sure I’ll have other things I want to blather about, but I’m going to try and focus my efforts on getting the book FINISHED.
In the short term this coming is a long holiday weekend.  I’m probably going to just lay low on the internet and try to get a lot of other stuff done.  I may write, but I’m not going to be near a computer to post much so don’t freak out if there’s no new Chainring Report on your screen over the next few days. 
I may throw up book updates.  Heck, maybe I’ll even share a chapter or two along the way.  No promises though.
Have a safe and happy Labor Day.  Try to get outside and enjoy yourselves. 
Here is your moment of Zen:


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