Thursday, August 7, 2014

Save Ferris!

"I don't know Daddy—its a hundred miles—I don't think you can do it," my seven year old piped up from the kitchen.

I'd just stated that if I ever get to the point where I'm prepared to do the Leadville 100 run that I'd probably just go ahead and sign up for the Leadman competition.

What does that have to do with playing hooky?  Nothing.

Recently my wife and I had opportunity to ride our bikes as if we'd never had kids.  Since she had an appointment in Mount Sterling we decided to subject the bikes to the indignity of being hauled on my car over to Easy Walker Park where we began our ride.

Our very first road ride together way back in 2007 started and ended at Easy Walker.  It was somewhat fitting that we were returning after all this time.  We’re different people now.  We’ve both got a lot of miles between us and that day seven years ago.
That day we rode 13 miles and it felt hard.  Our most recent ride was a bit more ambitious at around 30.  I suggested that we ride from Easy Walker, through Howard’s Mill and Preston to Owingsville and return via a slightly different route to Mount Sterling.  Mandy was game.  In less than a month we have the final of the three Century Challenge rides we opted to do in 2014.  Neither of us has been on the bike for more than a couple of miles in nearly a month. 
Running has been good for me.  I felt great on the ride.  The opposite is rarely true.  I can bike all I want and it does little for my running fitness.  The one thing I noticed was my sit muscles are really sore today.  Oh well…

The route we took is actually a fantastic ride through eastern Montgomery and Bath Counties.  I can’t say enough good things about the area in regards to cycling.  The bonus is being close to Owingsville where you can check out A.D. Ruff’s memorial in the town cemetery.
It was good to be back on the bike.  It was good to ride some new roads.  It was great to be able to ride with my favorite cycling partner. 

One of the highlights of the ride was watching a nasty little dog try to bite the front tire of the local mailman’s car.  I had Halt! ready to go but he seemed to have worn himself out gnarling the post man. 
In other running news Mandy and her mom may tackled the Rugged Red with me.  Apparently you could offer a “nice medal” for jumping off a bridge and my mother-in-law would sign up.  We’ve agreed a trial trail run in the extremely near future is in order. 

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