Thursday, September 11, 2014


At the end of this post will be my final Rugged Red photo dump.  I didn't take tons because I was actually running. 

Basically I wanted to jump in and say this Saturday Mandy and I and Jeaph and his wife will be heading west to E-Town (for E-lectric!) to complete the Hub City Tour and the 2014 Kentucky Century Challenge.  I had vowed not to do it this year and then Mandy fell in lust with the jersey.  Since we were already planning on riding the Redbud and the Preservation Pedal would be right on our front porch in Clark County we decided we could complete the Challenge this year and never, ever, never do it again.  No matter how cool the jersey would be.

And so now we're committed to this ride we had absolutely no interest in doing.  We've not been riding at all, and Mandy really wants/needs to be running this weekend to train for the Iron Horse in October.

We've debated just not doing it.  We were able to do two really good organized rides this year and they were both worth it.  So what if we don't get the jersey?

Except I think Mandy's earned the jersey already.  She did the Old KY Home Tour last year with me with no prospect of getting said jersey.  Then she did two rides this year.  It counts, right?

Anyway, so we're off to tick one last organized ride in 2014.  And after the Iron Horse it may be our last organized event of the year.  I'm still keeping my options open for the Cloudsplitter 25k, but that usually means I won't end up doing an event.  I'd love to do it, but...

I have already indicated my desire to be a proofer (in the tradition of the Tomahawk) at the Mohican next spring.  I'm not going to race, but I'll get to ride and get the t-shirt, free meal, atmosphere, etc., etc.

What I would like to do is get focused on just riding again.  I was adamant I was going to commute two days a week over the summer and into the fall, but so far that's not happened.  I was going to mountain bike more, just for fun, but again the plan kind faded into the background.  My running career took off and threw my cycling into a tailspin. 

Egad!  I have an amazing secret I want to share, but can't until it's already occurred and maybe not even then.

Anyway, work on the book has been slow, but I've made some more notes and organizational tweaks.  I think I'm getting ready to begin a NaNoWriMo type effort to rewrite it from scratch.  We'll see.

Here are your photos:


"When I grow up I'm going to be fast like dad"

Best event shirt EVER

We got $65 in donations for elementary school uniforms!


Megan Reiger: overall female winner, and she was also 7th overall

Joe Pawlish of Danville: masters division winner and third overall

Steph Lovely (race director) and Joe Bowen (creator and host)

At the start just before taking off


  1. I'm experiencing the same commitment remorse for this year's century challenge and Hub City Tour! I haven't been riding nearly enough between centuries, but I want that dang jersey. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. It looks like it'll be great weather, though, so we have that to look forward to!

    1. It's crazy, I used to be obsessed with riding and now I find myself groaning because "I have to ride."

      The jersey is way cooler this year though.