Friday, September 19, 2014

How About a Book Update?

I was going to rewrite the whole derned thing.  I started at the beginning.  As I went back through the earlier drafts and my old blog posts and other writings mining for the important bits I realized that I still really like what I’ve previously written about my journey to finish the Leadville 100.  I don’t want to start over and rewrite it.  My emotions and observations were captured well when I wrote it all down the first time.  I can’t dredge up those beautiful moments from my fading memory better than I could when the dust was still settling around me and even before my wrecked muscles had recovered.
Instead I decided to go ahead with the re-ordering that prompted the notion of a rewrite.  One of the biggest concerns my volunteer editing team has come up with is confusion with the timeline.  Having participated in two Leadville 100 mountain bike races and then writing about both together can obviously be confusing.  So I put the chronicle of the first race right at the beginning.  The book begins with my dark moment on the side of Turquoise Lake Road when I quit the 2012 race.
Then I go into my background, how I ended up on the road to Leadville, and ultimately how I got back in and finished the 2013 race.  I strongly resist the urge to begin writing about my newfound love for trail running.  I’m leaving it all out, but there may be need for a post script referencing it if things work out as planned.
My task now is to make the re-ordering cohesive and that will take reading, re-reading, and reading some more.  But hopefully it will take less time than if I had gone ahead with a complete rewrite.  I now have a deadline to meet, but I’ll let you in on that in a couple of months.
And no, it’s not a publication deadline but more of an opportunity for greatness Lloyd.  Publication is still a crux. 

Cycling hurts my knees now.  I suffered a major setback after the Hub City Tour.  Running seemed to have strengthened them greatly, but one measly century ride has my bad (left) knee singing to me throughout the days.  The right knee—the one that pained me on the last ride—has felt great since I got off the cussed bike.  I went out running the night before last and it gave me no problems though now there is the lingering pain I felt when I rode more.
If I had access to a good gym (read: could afford to go) I’d begin working on strengthening my knees.  I’m going to have to just suck it up and look at DIY home methods.  I can’t afford to ignore this.  It’s not going to go away. 
In brighter news: fall has arrived.  This is my favorite time of year.  From now until at least Thanksgiving I live in a constant state of eagerness to be outside.  I can’t stand being cooped up with this fine weather existing just beyond my cubicle window.
Fall brings back good memories, as does editing the book.

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