Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Officially Official

The official announcement is out.  The authors to be included in the Ride 3 short story collection have been revealed.  I am one of those authors. 
My short story “All You Haters” has been chosen by editor Keith Snyder to be part of the third collection of stories in the Ride series.  I wrote the story a while back as a humorous 
response to the constant inane office dialogue associated with my full-time bike commuting.   
I kind of think of the story as The Office meets Yehuda Moon.  It’s about one day in the life of cubicle dwelling bike commuter Brian Anderson as he interacts with his non-cycling coworkers in a typical office space.   
Anyway, the publication date is still out there in the shadows, but I’ll present updates as I have them. 
In other occupational fantasy fulfillment news I’ve rearranged my book and it has a new outline which I think will better guide me as I tackle this big rewrite.  I suffer from chronic disorganization so this is a major step forward for me. 

Being chosen for the Ride 3 collection has me thinking I need to put some energy into my shorter writing works.  I have at least two other short stories I could refine.  Need to get them out there.

I'm going to try to get one more substantive post prior to the running of the Rugged Red.  Haven't even started composing it yet though.

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