Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shine On You Crazy Book Update

Awright already!

I finished up the fourth draft.  I think I really jubarred the continuity of the book, but it was pretty disjointed already, so its possible I might have inadvertently fixed the continuity problems.

In other words: I need HELP!

My original draft was 50,000 words.  Now we're clocking in at about 67,000.  The longer this thing sits the more I add to it.  That's not what I want.  War and Peace has been done to death.  I just want to be finished!

Secretly I want to begin writing my second book: Return to Leadville, wherein I chronicle my rise to notoriety as an ultrarunner.

In other authorship news my editor (I love saying that...well, writing that) tweeted this the other day:

That's right, I have a comedic effect on people.  I make them comedy out their noses.  I mean, laugh and spray coffee out their noses.  Something like that.
So I have a forthcoming short story, a book I need to get whipped into shape and published, and this hyere blog which probably does more to destroy literary appreciation than anything else. 
I have some other good book ideas and a few short stories floating around out there which I should be submitting to other places where they might end up being published.  So why am I still blathering on here?
Good question.

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