Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Run

I ran hard.  The cool air was conducive for an all out effort.  I was determined to have a PR on THE Loop in front of the house.  I should have known my chances were slim when I got to the road and discovered my running shorts were on inside out.

I took off at a fast cadence.  I charged up the backside of Granny Moppet hill (Granny's Fanny) and down into town still feeling strong.  As usual I slowed going into mile three, but I jacked up the cadence again for Steamshovel Hill and carried on over the top taking in the muted overcast autumn vista of Kaincaid Mountain and Turkey Knob.

As I ran through the tunnel of trees along Steamshovel I breathed deep in the crisp earthy air.  The smile on my face was unbreakable.  The hardest sections of the loop were behind me.  I resisted the urge to take out my phone and look at the time.  I was going for a PR.

Finally I was back on my own road—on the mile stretch of asphalt I've traveled more than any other in the world—and I pushed strong.  My cadence was fast and solid.  The further I went the harder I pushed.  The effort only managed my third best time on the loop.  By less than a minute.

I'd hoped for another surprise performance like my run at LAC the other day.  Not so much.  Regardless it was a good run.  

It almost didn't happen.  There was the aforementioned wardrobe reversal.  The shorts were clean, so there wasn't a real danger in pushing forward with my seams showing.  While I would later revel in the chill misty air after my heart got all pitta-patter when I first stepped out of the house I almost aborted.  

I had already stalled for a half hour.  I'd wussed from running in the woods because it was the first day of muzzleloader season.  I didn't think I'd be mistaken for a whitetail, but I didn't want to take a chance.  And now we're going into the deer season gauntlet.  It's a frustrating time of year to be a non-hunting trail user.

Finally I leapt from the cliff and took off.  It wasn't cold enough that I noticed the chill once I was moving.  Once I completed the loop I had another four miles under my belt.  That's four more base miles.  That's four miles closer to being fit enough for the Cloudsplitter 100 next fall.  That's four more miles of cardio conditioning.  That's a few hundred more calories burned.  I was fueled by homemade chili and home grown (baked) potatoes.

Sunday was lazy.  Mandy ran with a friend who was just beginning a couch to 5k plan.  It might be good for both of us to drop back to shorter distances and work on speed and efficiency for a while.  I've been running four or more miles because it's convenient.  Maybe the distance isn't as important right now.

Anyway, fall is in full swing and I fell like I'm letting it get away from me.  I need to get out with my camera before it's too late.

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