Monday, October 6, 2014

Blah. Blah. Blah! And Other Stuff

I did not run the Cloudsplitter.
I did not poach ride the Red River Rally.
I didn’t trail run in the Gorge.  I didn’t hike.  I didn’t rock climb. 
I’ve not felt well since early last week.  At first I thought I had a touch of the stomach bug that Bean had the week before.  Then I thought I had another ocular migraine (still a distinct possibility).  But now we’re going on a week since, and I’m not 100%.  Initially I had some dizzy/woozy spells and a loss of energy.  They became more sporadic, but still strong at times.  I also had distinct bouts of nausea/lightheadedness for the first few days.  Thankfully that’s all gone now.
Basically I don’t have the same energy levels I had a week ago.  I’m not sure what’s going on.
So I didn’t go down to Elkhorn City on Saturday morning despite having a sponsor for the race.  I had opted early in the week not to go for other reasons, but my wretched physical condition would have shut me down anyway.  This was a good argument for “day of” registration.
The backup plan was to poach ride the Red River Rally.  But due to my vertiginous state it didn’t seem prudent to get on a bike and try to ride more than a mile.  I opted instead to drive around and get photos of the annual event in my home watershed.  Boone went along with me and we managed to get some good photos.  We met the guys from Sky Drone Studios and Boone touched the $20,000 big drone before I could stop him.  Thankfully he didn’t break it.
I’m not too sad about the Cloudsplitter.  I have big plans for it next year; so that finish line will come soon enough.  Now that it’s passed and the Iron Horse is imminent it’s time to start planning and prepping for the end of the year sprint.  That should be “End of the Year Sprint.”
Mandy and I are going to work on significantly improving our 5k times.  At fourteen years old my fastest ever 5k time was 19:49.  My modern PR is just shy of 27 minutes.  My goal is to push that time down as close to 20 minutes as I can by the end of the year.  If I can bust through the 20 minute floor all the better! 
I need to talk to Mandy about her goal more.  She just expressed a desire to improve her time and I know working together we can do it.
Since the day I decided not to do the Cloudsplitter my motivation to run has evaporated.  Of course that might have a lot to do with being sick.  But I think it is more a result of not having a tangible goal to shoot for.  There is the long term goal to run the Flying Pig Marathon in May, but that’s so far off that I’m not even ready to begin thinking about it.  I want to drop pounds (NOW) and get fast and lean.  After the first of the year I can start thinking about the distance.
Anyway, here is your update.  I’ve also been struggling with things to write about.  I’m not cycling at all these days.  I have tried to muster the gumption to write about bike advocacy topics for but I’ve not been able to wrap my mind around itself enough to tackle anything.  I need to get back out on the bike.
The KBBC conference is coming up in less than a month.  Maybe that’ll inspire me.  Maybe I’ll convince Mandy we should tour there and back.
Here is your photo dump:
The grand rollout from Natural Bridge State Park

Fall colors starting to peek through

Smile Joe!

Nada Tunnel Road

Whyfore you pause on this side of the Tunnel?!

Welcome to the Gorge!

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