Thursday, October 30, 2014


Blog inspiration is down.  However, photographic inspiration has quivered the needle lately.  In fussing with my camera to try and improve focus (in truth it might be my cursed eyes) I discovered some interesting camera settings so I played around with them yesterday.  I also recently made a jaunt to Rock Bridge hoping for some stunning fall colors before the wind and rain knocked all the leaves to the ground.  I was somewhat disappointed by the dull showing.  It was partly dreary skies and partly biome.  That Swift Camp Creek Gorge is dark and dank and heavy on the large pine trees.  I discovered the "Pop" setting on my camera the next day.

Oh well.

There is a local adventure race coming up on Saturday.  We're going to be out promoting the Rugged Red Friday night at packet pickup and my plan is to be out on course early Saturday to get photos.  Regional cross country meet for our high schoolers is going on Saturday afternoon.  I'll be snapping the shutter all day.

For now please enjoy my experimentations:

Along Swift Camp Creek Trail, Clifty Wilderness

Swift Camp Creek Trail in Bearpen Branch of Swift Camp Creek

Autumn along the backyard trail

What's black and white and red all over?


Kentucky aspens

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  1. Sweet! Love the Red! Yo have a very god eye for the shot.