Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Perfect Crime

Good gosh darn it!  I want to get back on my mountain bike!
I finally have it back together.  I was sick last week.  It’s been raining since I started feeling better.  Muddy trails do not a triumphant comeback make.  Fathead Cyclist made a blog post about getting away with the perfect crime a couple of days ago and it really struck a chord in me.  Ride dammit, ride!
My vintage sporty sport bike has lazed against my cubicle wall unridden so long its tires have gone flat.  I suck as a cyclist these days.  Somebody needs to give me a copy of Breaking Away and lock me in a room with a box of gels and a cooler of sports drink until I come out singing a better tune.
It’s the same old crapola that keeps me from riding.  The sporty sport bike has gummed up cables and housings.  It’s far enough gone that I just need new ones.  You really need your gears in my neck of the woods to get anywhere.  Not being able to shift the rear derailer at will makes for not fun riding which makes for not riding at all.
I had major rear wheel issues with the mountain bike earlier in the summer (think Mohican 100) and it just took some time to get everything back together.  I do still need one set of brake pads.  The shop was out of them and I’ve been waiting.  Jack.
On a happier note, the Cannonball is in fine working order.  I even swapped to clipless pedals for my imminent poaching of the Red River Rally but my beleaguered physiological system wasn’t up for that type of shenanigans on Saturday.  And technically Minus (N-1) only needs a spritz of air.
Lately I’ve been dreaming of climbing some hills; of getting back out on the roads and just riding.  That, and some joker stole my KOM on the Pompeii Climb in Clay City.  Actually it was three jokers, and I’d worked hard to take that KOM away from a past Red River Rallyer.  I’m not above using a car.  Strava terrorism has an appeal all its own.
It’s fall.  The mountain bike is where it’s at.  If I get my $#!+ together and the weather cooperates I’ll have two opportunities to ride next week and one the week after.  Truth is there are a lot of days I could be riding at Veterans if I would just get out there.  Or doing some road riding on Minus.  Ah geez, I’m not turning in my running shoes for a bike!  Okay?  It’s just…grrr…I’m so confused!
Anyway, sorry for that little outburst.  There’s a lot I could be doing, and I’m doing nothing.  I need schemes.
Mountain biking, Pottsville cranking adventures, front door touring, bikecragging…there are so many options. 
There's not much we can't do


  1. " That, and some joker stole my KOM on the Pompeii Climb in Clay City. Actually it was three jokers, and I’d worked hard to take that KOM away from a past Red River Rallyer. I’m not above using a car. Strava terrorism has an appeal all its own."

    You know, I always joke about riding through segments in the car, but I can't actually bring myself to do it. I sometimes suspect there are those who do (like, when they're traveling at an average speed of 60mph, supposedly on a bicycle). Somehow, it just doesn't feel the same when I don't earn it though, you know?

    Glad you have your mountain bike back up and operational!

    1. My favorite are the KOMs where it was obvious someone forgot to turn off their GPS after they put the bike on the car. Their average speed is like 60 mph. I've done that myself and then cropped the ride short. Some people just leave them, which you know has to drive other people bonkers.

    2. Sam has started reporting them when they're obviously not rides done on a bike. I haven't gone that far myself, but it is frustrating to know that more than likely they just threw the bike on, didn't turn off the GPS, and just headed home.

    3. Not a "family friendly" group: