Monday, November 3, 2014

Figuring Out Adventure

A friend recently failed to qualify for Boston (marathon) by 107 seconds.  He did a lot working toward that goal and hardly fell short.  In a Facebook post he revealed a perspective that many of us typically fail to find in our ambitious pursuits.  In it he said:
“So after 700 miles of running, 32 pounds of fat, and 3 pairs of running shoes, the life lesson finally sunk in.  It's not about the marathon.  It's not about some arbitrary time on a clock.  (Oh I'll be back, but with a renewed perspective.)
 The life lesson surrounded me in that wave of joy and sorrow in a mere 24 hour period.  IT'S .  ABOUT.  LOVE.   Please don't ever miss out on the chance to grab a hold and love on those in your midst.  Your life will be truly blessed and your cup will overflow.”
My response to his words was that it's easy to focus on the goal we didn't achieve when we actually accomplished a great deal to hit so near the center of the target.  His perspective is true. 
I’ve tried to hold onto this notion myself through all of my many adventures.  Sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up on the target and forget everything else.  In fact, at key moments that’s crucial to success.  Having the ability to switch off that focus at will is a learned behavior.  Knowing it exists is one of those most typically disregarded secrets of life.  I don’t say this with sage intonations, but with my hat somewhat crumpled in my hands.
It’s all about balance.  And balance is hard to maintain.

This past Saturday was the last of the 2014 Flying Squirrel adventure races, aka The Fig XII.  All year I had looked forward to it because I thought I had no interest in participating so I'd be stoked to spectate and take photos.  The day of the race I really wanted to be a racer.  In the end I’m glad I was able to run off to Owsley County with Bean in tow and shoot photos of the high school cross country regional meet.  It was a long cold day, but we had a lot of fun.
Instead of providing you with a detailed report of either activity I thought I’d carpet bomb you with more photos.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was certain I had missed my photographic window for fall images.  Once I got it in gear I was able to capture more colorful photos of the landscape than I have during any other autumn in my life.

Also--in other shameless self-promotion news!--the elementary and middle school cross country teams got a half page write up in the local paper by one of the other parents.  Bean's image was used prominently and as the thumbnail on the front page!

Anyway, on to the weekend.  Enjoy!

Racers on the paddling section of The Fig, Mill Creek Lake

Leaving the transition area from boat to bike

Course conditions

Scenery along the way

Racing out of a checkpoint

Planning the route ahead

Add caption

Don't deviate from the course!

Checkpoint chokepoint

Other random weekend photos
Red River

From Parch Corn Overlook, RRG

Along Sky Bridge Ridge, RRG area

Opposing girls' teams duking it out on the infamous Beast in the East hill at Owsley County

Senior Jacob Trent taking advantage of gravity after slaying the beast

Caption forthcoming

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