Friday, November 21, 2014

Update: Injurious Custard

I'm 99% sure my wrist isn't broken.  Tuesday it still hurt pretty bad, but Wednesday morning the pain was almost gone and I had full range of motion again.  I kept wearing the brace on and off to provide support, but yesterday I opted to go commando in that sense.

I went for a trail run.  You know it's coming.  Like any good bullheaded moose I got my left foot caught on a stick buried under leaves and I went down on my right wrist again.  There was no (more) pain, and I got up and kept running without a second thought.

This morning the faded bruises around my wrist finally started showing through the skin.  I had already decided to wear the brace all day today anyway, but that just gave me more reason.

Of course I had a meeting with some other planners today and got the "oh, is that just for attention?" questions as I also did at our office's Thanksgiving potluck.  The question came up so often ("what happened to your wrist?") that I finally just started answering: "Nothing, I'm just wearing this for attention."

In regards to that trail run yesterday, I did the Sand Gap loop--same one I did last spring--but slower and it banged me up more.  I felt pretty rough yesterday afternoon, and I've been lumbering around like an old man today.  While my usual four mile runs have been going well, stepping it up straight to 8+ might not have been a good idea.  Oh well.

Next week is Thanksgiving, so I don't know that I'll be cranking out a lot of posts.  I hope to be generating a lot of inspiration for future posts, but don't count on seeing a lot of bloggage until after the holiday.

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