Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Run Yourself Rugged Redux


There are going to be some subtle changes here.  I do this every once in a while: announce big or little changes and then totally not follow through.  Basically I’m making a prediction.

First off some good news; I’m officially a paid writer.  It wasn't much, but it was cash for my work all the same.  I've mentioned that Keith Snyder chose my short story “All You Haters” for his RIDE 3 collection?  Well, it’s official.  I mean, it was official before, but now I have the bank statement to show I am a paid writer.  Unless you’re an IRS investigator, and then it really wasn't enough to claim.  Really.

From the Pavement’s Edge is still out there and I've tried to make weekly contributions to it, but it’s been hard as I've not really been an active cyclist for some time now.  That must change.

I've also agree to be an unpaid contributor to a couple of different blogs, but my strategy is to use these venues to get my name out there.  People seem to like my writing (especially when I go the extra mile and try) so I think I just need to get some name recognition.  More on these efforts later. 

Along those lines I have a draft of Leadville or Bust that needs publishing and I have a rough rough draft of my “pseudonym book” that I’ll be working on over the coming months.  In addition to those I have a post-apocalyptic story I've revived and have begun brainstorming on.

Finally, Mandy and I are officially the new planning team for the Rugged Red.  She is The Race Director and I am the Assistant to the Race Director.  We’re getting jackets made with those titles on them.  Joe is still the founder, host, and personality of the race, but Mandy and I have brought our considerable expertise to the event and our vision combined with Joe’s vision promises some great things in the near and far future.  I think I’m safe to share that we want to turn this into a race series in the vein of the Leadville Race Series but with an Appalachian flavor.  Our ultramarathon will be hard.  I’m grinning as I write that.  Please take no offense if the Leadville 100 is your holy grail.

In conjunction with our involvement in the Rugged Red I have begun creating an online persona to be a voice for the race: The Ruggedeer.  I’ll be composing weekly posts that are short and pithy in nature with inspirational photos of the Red River Gorge.  We’ll use the official Rugged Red social media outlets for official announcements and the like, but this gives me an opportunity to be slightly more creative and less official while promoting outdoor adventure activities at home.

This blog won’t go away, but if you see lapses in regular posts please don’t fret.  At the least I’ll try to cross post stuff here when relevant. 
Anyway, that’s the thumbnail status update you've surely been waiting for. 

I will also be running lots and trying to dabble some in cycling and...dare I say...ROCK CLIMBING!

My precious!
I won this at the RRGCC raffle.
I'm not sure what it is, but I think it'll make me climb like a superhero.
Alternately, I know for a fact this is the perfect sized (#1) Black Diamond Camalot
for the crack on Environmental Impact at Pebble Beach.

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