Monday, December 8, 2014

Sleet Feet in Porkopolis

Streetscape in Baconburg
Last week I spent three days in Flying Pig land attending the NADO Rural Transportation Conference.  The Race Director went with me.  Who?  Oh, Mandy is now the Race Director for the Rugged Red.  We're actually both working as a team to help organize and execute the 2015 Rugged Red and to develop some new events.  My official title is "Assistant to the Race Director."

Anyway, she went with me and we hung in Cinci for three rainy days.  I was bummed because I wanted take a lot of photos and run lots, but with five o'clock dark and the cold rain I only managed some cell phone photos and one good run.  As we are apt to do Mandy and I came across a protest in downtown Thursday evening as we were leaving Lucy Blue Pizza.  Matter of fact I'm kinda surprised we didn't end up on the evening news.


The hotel where we stayed provided wallet cards that showed two running routes from the building.  On their advice Thursday I went out for a six mile run from downtown along the river, up to Eden Park, across the Purple People Bridge and back to the hotel.



Fat flakes of wet snow fell as I ran down to the river.  Slush built up on the concrete of the Riverwalk and the Barney bridge.  I didn't boulder at Eden park due to frigid temps and the icy ambiance.  The paths and sidewalks were never slick, so my wrist was safe despite the wintry mix that fell all around me.

I think I mentioned that I'm signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon.  I have a better idea what I'm up against now.  It's hilly around Baconburg, but I ain't skeered.  Around home it takes more effort to find a flat distance run.  Hills are kinda the norm.

Thought I'd ask this dude for directions but he don't know nothin' about Cincinnati

Remember, I started out near the river
I've got less than a month until I start training for Yamacraw/Pig.  I'm not waiting until then.  Conditioning has started and it's time to begin reigning in my diet.  I want to have lost twenty pounds before April and thirty by mid summer.  If I can lose thirty pounds and stay injury free then Cloudsplitter is going to be the pinnacle of 2015 for me.

Well, the rain is pounding on the roof.  It's time to go out for a run.

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