Monday, January 26, 2015

Dancing Her Heart out

Bean turned eight over the weekend.  She's our free spirit. On the way to Meadowgreen Music Hall she told me when she's old enough she's going to do the Leadville 100.  In part it might be her people pleasing nature, but I know she really does love riding her bike and has a competitive streak in her.

Since we got the schedule for Meadowgreen back in the fall she's eyed this particular date—her birthday—because the Farm Hands Quartet would be playing.  We saw them last year and both kids thought they were funny.

When she and I rolled in the opening act—Ma Crowe and the Lady Slippers were already playing.  Lily shrugged out of her coat and ran down to the floor in front of the stage and did her best clogging dance.  She actually picked it up from the Mozhican kids last year, and despite her completely untrained technique she's not half bad.

No one else wanted to come so it was just the two of us.  Mandy was busy working on race registration and Boone and Ty were being lazy.  That's okay.  Bean and I had good time.

I was pretty beat from my twelve mile snowy run out Tunnel Ridge Road that morning and the late night birthday party/sleepover involving seven little girls and a lot of cake.

Our bathroom remodel is almost in the books.  I rushed around a chiropractor appointment Friday afternoon to get it in good shape for the party.  Basically we're down to trim and staining.

The back cracker straightened me out.  Earlier in the week I began suspecting my hip and knee issues of late were due to a misalignment so I made the appointment.  Sure enough once he started twisting, prying, and thumping on me I found strength once again in my left knee.  My hip fell out of pain.  I'm healed!  Praise Jehovah!

Anyway, he really did set me right.  I'm not 100%, but the improvement was unmistakable and I was able to do a twelve mile run in the snow the next morning. 

Why so many so early in the year, you might ask.  I signed up for my first ultramarathon: the Yamacraw 50k.  The hitch in my hip has delayed full on training and I'm about a week behind on my long runs.  Last week work kept me from doing a single weekday run and that's maybe why I struggled after mile nine on my snowy twelve.

It's time to kick into training mode.  I've not lost a pound and I still mostly feel like I'm falling apart, but with less than three months to go I have no choice but to move forward and train smart.  My goal for Yamacraw is simply to finish.  I'm going to stop worrying about pace.  Finish, finish, finish!  That doesn't mean I don't want to throw down a good race.  I'm just not going to kill myself doing it.

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