Thursday, January 1, 2015

Old Long Since

2014 was an interesting year for me.  It was the year I turned forty.  It was a year—like so many years—that I discovered a whole bunch of profound things about myself.  My son turned eleven (these go to eleven), my daughter turned seven (seven-eleven…get it?), and my wife…

…became the Race Director for the Rugged Red Trail Half Marathon.

Which I ran for the first time in 2014.

I ran.  I finally did the Midsummer Night’s Run in downtown Lexington after so many years.  I finished the Mohican 100k mountain bike race.  I rode my Xtracycle up Sky Bridge Hill…and Tussey Hill…and Cobhill.  I shaved off ALL my facial hair for the first time in over ten years.  I became the head transportation guy.  I finished my book.  I became a paid author.  Those last two things are not directly related.

In 2014 I almost began to believe that I could be a great writer.  I am…so close.

Late this past year I renewed my interest in photography.  I am a good photographer.  Again, I could be great if only I applied myself.  See, I can say that.  It was only wrong when written on my report cards.  I have a photo in a Cheyenne, Wyoming tourism brochure and I was also contacted by Rails-to-Trails about using my photos of the Medicine Bow Trail in Wyoming.  Seems Wyoming likes me as much as I like it.

Obligatory New Year's fireworks show

I became a certified professional in my chosen occupational field.  I was invited in to help draft a plan for recreation in my stomping grounds.  I’ve started to find the career channel that will carry me forward into the future.  I say channel because nothing ahead of me is set in asphalt.

I made new friends.  I started coming more and more out of my shell.  I acquiesced to the reality that I’m not now nor ever have I been anti-social.  I am sensory defensive, but that’s not the same thing as anti-social.  I actually thrive with human interaction.  I don’t always seek it out, nor do I always enjoy it, but I always find my social niche and run with it.

I feel like my family is stronger now that it has been for a while.  I feel like I am stronger than I’ve been.  Maybe not physically—I complain about that all the time—but emotionally and intellectually I’m finally beginning to shrug off the sluggishness that has plagued me for years. 

I think somewhere along the way I quietly let go of Colorado.  I still love the place.  I would still move back there if the opportunity presented itself.  But I finally moved on.  I needed that.  It was holding me back.  I am a Kentuckian now.  For all that its worth and all that means…

MORE fireworks!

I’ve made no resolutions tied to this new year.  I have resolved many things, but I decided over the past few weeks and months that I wouldn’t necessarily wait to change things until the calendar had changed.  My sixteen week to 50k training plan began Monday.  I needed to be up to ten miles of running by then.  So I was already running and preparing.  I’ve been conditioning at the gym.  I’ve been berating myself in a positive way to somehow healthily shame myself into making healthful changes in the coming months.

Many of the assumptions that I’ve carried throughout my life have fallen away.  What is real, and good, and beneficial I have kept.  But I merely dropped a lot of the mental baggage I’ve been carrying around for no good reason all of these years.  I owe it to an old friend who was willing to speak truthfully to me.  That conversation allowed me to give myself permission to trust in my own judgment finally.  And so the seeds of confidence have been planted.  They’ve been quietly growing for months.  Soon they’ll sprout.  Soon you’ll see a new Chainring emerge.  That new Chainring will come in 2015.  2015 is my year.

So have a Happy New Year.  Walk boldly in the light.  Don’t be a slave to illogical assumptions.  Trust your gut.  See the evidence of God’s power in your life for what it is.

Prior to the aforementioned manscaping


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