Monday, February 23, 2015

Might as Well Go For the DNF

I'm still in to run the Yamacraw 50k.  I needed to run twenty miles this weekend.  Obviously I didn't.  My best recent effort is thirteen miles.  We're getting down to the wire.  Okay, two months isn't "down to the wire," but I'm running out of time.
I'll be ready; one way or the other.  I'm attacking this problem on two fronts.  First, I'm going to run as much as I can which won't be enough.  This is standard operating procedure for me, so I'm not worried.  The weather and season are going to work against me, but I'm going to fight back.  Second, I'm visiting the gym in an effort to gain strength and burn fat.  I may not drop twenty pounds by race day, but considering I'm the fastest 29.2 BMI guy around I can only get stronger, faster, and more long suffering.
After Yamacraw the Flying Pig will be cake.  After the Flying Pig I've got two more races in my sights for 2015: the Rhododendron Run 25k and some distance of the Cloudsplitter in October.
While the jersey looks stunning there will be no Kentucky Century Challenge for the Chainrings this year.  Perhaps we'll ride the Redbud.  And Jeff and I really need to get back out on the bikes for some unorganized epic riding.  Mountain and road...
Why do I continually do this?  Lay out the schemes?  I don't know.
After the reorganization due to recent events life has become simpler.  I want to remind myself to keep it simple.  I've got some ideas for upcoming blog posts which I intend to get to very soon.  The Crash Test Librarian and I have been talking various writing projects.  I sat down Sunday evening and spent a few hours working on formatting Leadville or Bust for e-publishing.  I've decided it's time to pull the trigger and get it out into the light of day.  If it can thrive in Kindle, Nook, and other digital formats then I'll reinvest into print copies.  I'm done with trying to sell it to an agent or publisher.  I'm not savvy in that world.
But after LOB I fully intend to put in the time to finish some writing projects.  It's time.  I'm going for broke.  I have forty-four pages still smoking on my next big project.  Said recent events have tied in and re-inspired this story which has the potential to be my true magnum opus.
I truly want nothing more than to be a full time writer of books.  I really just don't know how to get to that mythical dreamland.  I do know one component is to write books.  So that is the path I will walk down with purpose now.
It's been a long week cooped up inside with only brief cross country skiing respites.  The coming week is not looking much better, but if we suffer through only two weeks of full-on winter can we really complain?  I think not.  The threats of power outages and water shortages has had Mandy and I talking our dream homestead.  She's been browsing real estate sites and taunting me with descriptions of large tracts of remote land.  I'd sell a kidney if I could get enough cash to buy a few hundred wooded acres.
Saturday night cabin fever can be an overload of the synapses like none other.  Too much time sitting at the kitchen table staring at the computer screen can wreck your stride.  It's going to take me a while to find my routine again.

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