Monday, March 9, 2015


Enough already!  I like winter as much or totally more than the next guy, but let's get moving on toward summer.  I say summer because I'm really not a huge fan of spring in Kentucky.  Everyone suffers from the pollen fog when there isn't bucketloads of rain falling.
Maybe the remnants of the blizzard of spiritual bleakness are finally melting off too.  Oh, there will be a couple of big piles of snow remaining.  My lost training due to the actual blizzard: that's a crushing mountain of ice still.  And my car sits wrecked in the driveway as the wheels of insurance turn slowly.  The situation is nuisance though it will melt away in time.
Digging out from my backlog at work is probably going to demand the most energy.  I missed nearly two full weeks during my busiest time of the year (I hope, anyway).  I had too many necessary meetings cancel.  Most have been rescheduled, but not all, and the bulk of them had to be postponed beyond the due date for the work they'll produce.
Dig, dig, diggity, dig.

Some new music has helped me through this time of entombment.  I don't listen to the radio for music.  This past year I've turned onto NPR as I commute all over creation, but it's the only radio I can tolerate.  Other talk radio seems terribly shallow and asinine to me and I can't stand listening to other people's playlists of music interspersed with advertising and non-musical filler.  I want to listen to what I want to listen to and not the other crap.  And NPR has current events in a digestible format.
Oh, please oh please comment and tell me how liberal NPR is!  It's still better than most of the other garbage on the radio and there are no commercials.
Anyway, I will listen to Pandora from time to time.  The more I listen to it the more I like it.  Lately it seems like the old frustrations have been addressed.  Nowadays it seems that if you create an Avett Brothers station you hear the Avett Brothers in the rotation.  While initially it was fun, the game of trying to guess which artist to make a station of to hear the artist you really want to hear ended up being almost as frustrating as not playing the game.
One of my stations rotated a band called Redbird pretty heavily.  And I came across them during one of my "hmm hmm HIM" moments.  I'd gotten a line stuck in my head: "give me cornbread when I'm hungry; corn whiskey when I'm dry" and it took a week or so before someone suggested it might have been from the film Deliverance.  In the meantime I came across the song “Moonshiner” in a different version by Sturgill Simpson (actually called "Poor Rambler" but still an excellent song!) and another version by Redbird.
During the snowpocalpsageddon I created a Redbird station and it was a real treat.  Pandora played a lot of Jeffrey Foucault, Mandolin Orange, Avett Brothers, Sarah Jarosz, Danny Schmidt, and others.
I fell in love with them all.  In particular I jazzed on "Ring Them Bells" by Jarosz, "Battle Hymn" by Foucault, "Train Song" by Mandolin Orange, and "Patience" by Redbird.  Late to the party was a ditty called "Down in the Valley" by The Head and the Heart.
Let it be known that I don't run or ride to music in general.  Sometimes when I run in a park off the road I'll listen to music, but on the road or trail I don't.  I'm not here to preach fire and brimstone; I just don't do it.  On the road I am not comfortable with my ears plugged up anymore.  I guess I've finally grown up enough to care about not getting run over.  On the trail I just don't want to insulate myself from what's going on around me.  I don't run or ride on trails to block out the natural world, just the built.
Yesterday was nice with the sun and the warmth.  Most of the snow in my neck of the woods is gone though there's atill quite a bit on the ground in Lexington.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really can't wait for this short winter to be over.

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