Monday, April 13, 2015

...And the Follow-Through

Last week some things really started coming together in one of my latest schemes.  I won’t go into details now because it’s far too early in the process to divulge much.  Suffice it to say that its related to the matters I discussed in my last post but not in a way you would immediately ascertain.
It’s about the Red River.  But not the Gorge.  And not the source.  But it’s ultimately about the entire drainage and the communities that exist within it.  Once I romanticized the river.  And after a near tragic event I walked away from it and did my best to forget it.  The river I’ve forgotten has been forgotten by most of the residents within its reach.  Except in times of flood or drought.  When the river gives too much or too little we curse it.  But when it is at peace with us we take it for granted.
I want my community to stop taking the river for granted.  I’m not on a new crusade.  It just so happens that an opportunity became clear to me.  I started poking around, and I woke a beehive of interest and there’s a motherlode of honey there if we are persistent and intentional as a community.  We can reconnect with the river in a positive and meaningful way.  Maybe we can use it in a way that heals it, strengthens it, and takes away some of its menace.
The story of our river isn’t unique.  The issues at hand are not novel.  And so the solution to this conundrum—how to reconnect the community with the river it depends on—has already been found elsewhere.  We simply have to do our homework and then our legwork.  Such is life.

In other news that probably doesn’t apply to you: I’m beginning the process to develop a county-wide Bike-Ped plan for Powell County this week.  It’s all related and all ties together with the blueway scenario.  There seems to be a lot of support for this scheme too.  If only I could get people fired up for mountain bike trails…
Anyway, I’m glad it’s Spring, even though we’ve entered the flooding season.  Mud sucks, but sunshine is nice.  And that’s what road bikes are for.


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