Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Status Report

I hate when this happens.  I’ve not posted in a while.  In fact, I’ve not composed a blog post in a while.  Now there is too much to catch up on and I don’t even know where to begin.  I’ll try to hit the high points.
My left knee is jacked up.  In other medical news my elbow tendonitis seems to have responded positively to self-imposed physical therapy.  The Redbud Ride and the Flying Pig half marathon both loom and I have no mileage behind me for various reasons.  Woe to me.
Work is going well.  I’ve had some good ideas which are painting me in a good light going into annual evaluation season.  I’m starting to see some possibilities for making the job more fun, and I’ve been exploring where this career path might take me.  That’s good because I get down when I don’t see a clear path to better grazing down the road.
Spring is in full force so other than perpetual rain the weather is definitely improved over our short but severe winter.  If I can get healed up soon I might begin making the strides which I need to carry me to my 2015 fitness goals. 
The Powell County bike-ped plan process is in full swing and we had a really great turnout for the first meeting.  Interest seems proportionately high for a community of our size.  Good things are afoot.
In general my interest in all things bike-ped has renewed and I’m beginning to think more like a One Less Car kinda guy again.  Not being able to ride because of weather and injury may drive me bonkers.

My dad has been in ICU going on three weeks now.  He had surgery for colon cancer after a major heart attack.  Initially things went well, then he had a second exploratory surgery to see why he had swelling in his abdomen and then things went downhill.  He was heavily sedated and on a ventilator for another week.  Finally he has been slowly weaned from sedation, the ventilator, and now he may be getting moved out of ICU.
The whole affair brings to light some real life issues for me.  I’ve never really lost many people close to me.  A couple of elderly family members, some friends over the years that I was out of touch with when they passed, and really no one else.  I’ve not lost anyone I was close to at the time.  It concerns me.  But not that my dad was ever on the verge of death.  He was a high risk for surgery, and he had unstable vitals for a time, but now he seems to be out of the woods.  It’s going to be a long slow recovery, but the worst seems to be behind him.
Somehow I’m finding confidence in myself.  Speaking of a slow process.  It’s shaky yet, but I’m getting better and better all of the time.   


  1. I'm sorry to read about your father. Hopefully, he is recovering well and is on the mend. Personally, I've found it difficult to watch my parents age. I think I have freeze-framed them at a certain point in time and want to believe that they will live forever.

    It sounds like you've gone through your own mess of physical stuff, but hopefully you are healing well also. Glad to see that you're getting re-motivated regarding bike and pedestrian needs too.

    1. Thanks G.E.! He's doing better. He's home, but really weak. It's going to take time, but I think he'll make a full recovery.

      I let myself drift away from a lot of things that had been important to me. I guess the real mess of stuff I've gone through has been mental and not physical. Maybe I can write a thoughtful post on the last couple of years behind the scenes soon. But yeah, things have been in decline since the beginning of the year. Our activity levels plummeted after a busy 2014 and I feel like I'm slipping more and more all the time. It's been a battle to maintain what I've got now. And then things like a sprained knee set me back. And Mandy's struggling with similar issues.

      Again, time is going to take care of things, but it's frustrating that mandatory patience strikes as spring blossoms and the weather is finally inviting to get out and work toward those fitness goals.