Friday, June 5, 2015

Please Tell Me I Am Fat

I used to throw out a lot of numbers back when I was writing my From the Pavement’s Edge blog.  I often wrote about my mileage totals for weeks, months, and years.  Sometimes I talked about my weight.  I compared car versus bike transportation costs.
When I moved over to this blog I intended to keep up with some of that at the new FPE blog, but I have since let that one go fallow while focusing more on personal stuff here at The Chainring Report.  And so I’m finally going to throw out some numbers and predictions only because I want to have some accountability.  Kipp will appreciate this.
On July 15, 2015 I will have been married to my amazing wife for…fifteen years.  At the beginning of this week I weighed 200 pounds.  By July 15, 2015 and my fifteenth anniversary I will lose fifteen pounds or I will post a photo of my pale, white, and flabby midsection on this blog and leave it prominently displayed until I lose thirty pounds.
I don’t want to do the Fat Cyclist thing, but I’m doing the Fat Cyclist thing.
Mainly I want to do this because I’m getting older and I know that not maintaining my health will result in major problems in my near future.  My dad just went through heart surgery and shortly thereafter surgery for colon cancer.  I don’t want to go down that path so I will minimize the factors that lead to those conditions.
But really—mainly—I want to do this because I want to be an active person.  I enjoy being active.  I like to run, bike, hike, rock climb, etc., etc. and I don’t want to lose the ability to do the things I love or to become involuntarily sedentary at any point in my life.  When I see the end coming I want to be able to throttle up and charge headlong into my destiny.  I don’t want to waste away into old age.
Last year I pontificated about being an ultrarunner.  I want to run long distances on trails.  I still want to do endurance mountain bike events.  I desperately want to get back into climbing and do it well once again.  Deep to my core I enjoy those things.  But at 41 with thirty extra pounds on my frame I risk continued injury and disappointing performance in those activities.
By July 15, 2015 I will lose fifteen pounds.
Contingent upon reaching that goal I will commit to running the Rough Trail Ultramarathon 50k.
Contingent upon reaching the initial goal I will then continue toward dropping thirty pounds total by race day.
Make fun of me if I don’t reach my goals.  Public shame is all I have left to motivate me.  I don’t want Kipp to have all the fun either.

[Caveat: please don't tell me "No, you're NOT fat!" This isn't about body image for me, really.  It's about not feeling sluggish and slow and old.  It's about saving my poor knees from the abuse I intend to put on them in the next few decades by minimizing the overall impacts.  It's about being able to climb the amazing rock climbing routes that are so close to my front door I can smell them.  It's about living life and enjoying each step along the way.  I want all of these things more than I want another slice of pizza or another Ale-8.]

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