Friday, January 22, 2016

Ramming Speed Friday: Snowmageddon 2016 Edition

Yes folks, it's Snowmageddon 2016.  State offices are closed.  Nary a school in the Commonwealth is open today. Even my office is closed.  In short, pigs now fly and Mel kissed Flo's grits.  El Nino ain't got nothin' on us.  It's got everything on us today.

There's a 3% chance the storm will break for lunch

I was supposed to be at the Kentuckians for Big Transportation conference.  They cancelled it yesterday.  I was dreading the default mandate to go on in to work.  The temptation was there.  Would anyone at work know the conference had cancelled?  In the end I resolved I'd either go in or take a day off.  Then the text came.  I was taking a vacation day.  Well, that's the new policy when the office closes.  But that's more humane than the previous policy of never closing the office and expecting everyone to risk property and body damage.  Better.

Inclement weather days should be a no-brainer.  When its slick or bitterly cold or both the best thing for society would be for everyone to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.  And I don't mean necessary like popping off to the corner store for a last minute milk sandwich.

You know what invariably happens.  The staunch capitalist mindset prevails and no businesses close. Schools likely do because these days school officials are pissing-their-pants skeered of lawsuits.  But everyone else scrapes crusted windshields and ping pongs their ways in to work.  Productivity is at its maximum on those days.  Because once you make it into the office or factory or McDonalds you can relax and not think at all about the return trip home.

But our communities would be so much better off if we didn't have to expend resources on emergency services on snow days.  And individually we could protect our own financial health by avoiding the risk of bad weather traffic.  That makes us more resilient.  That builds personal wealth.  Sure, the captains of industry might lose a few pennies, but do we really care more about them than our neighbors and ourselves?

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