Friday, January 8, 2016

Ramming Speed Friday: An Unhealthy Love?

I love my home state.  I know; I shouldn’t.  We definitely have one of those “But I luv him!” kind of relationships.  But I’m attracted to Kentucky.  The landscape is incredible.  Kentucky has the most chiseled six-pack abs of any state.  Is it my fault if it’s so gosh darn hunky while being completely abusive and denigrating all at the same time?
The topography is unreal.  The geology speaks to my very soul; lighting up all the dark places in my heart with its rugged good looks.  I bask in the glow of its forest floors all cast in ambient gold and green light through heavy summer tree canopies all slashed through and dappled with black shade.
But Kentucky denies me—as a mountain biker—its essence.  There are few legal purpose-built bike-optimized trails in the state compared to other attractors like Colorado, Utah, California, North Carolina.  And basically any other state in the Union.  Hehe, union.
Semi-legal trail in RRG
Kentucky could be a bike friendly state.  The residents are friendly and typically accepting of others.  At least they’re not outwardly hostile to outsiders and oddballs like I’ve seen in other states (I’m looking at you Alabama!).  Rural areas are amazing places to ride with low traffic counts and heartbreaking scenery.  And there is so much undeveloped wooded land! 
Oh, Kentucky! We could have hundreds if not thousands of miles of world class singletrack in the Bluegrass State!

Remember that time we rode the Short Creek Rim and returned home down Spaas Creek?  Remember those hairball descents of Pot Hollow with no helmet and pumped forearms?  Remember that time riding over South Table Mountain...ah, er, that was a different state.  Anyway!
My state has so much potential.  I know once it grows up a little bit, after it sows its wild oats, it will settled down and make me very happy.  I just know it.
Kentucky showing its soft side
I have my days when I think I should leave Kentucky.  I’ve experienced the nice states like Colorado with its state-next-door good looks and ample systems of trails.  I know what it’s like to have the comfort and security of already developed trails with a large community of mountain bikers to maintain them.  But I think somehow I must like the thrill of seeking out new possibilities, and I must--for some reason--enjoy the uncertainty of a future in mountain biking in my state. 
I look to the future when I may be able to retire as a bike shop owner and be regarded as the elder statesman of mountain biking in my hometown.  I need my beloved state to help me out here though.  It needs to settled down, get off the hooch, stop betting on the ponies, and live up to its responsibilities.  I just know it will!
Here's to a blissful future!


  1. We have so few trails here. At least the type of trails I want to ride. I want to ride for miles through the woods and explore. I too love Kentucky but would love to visit Colorado some day.

    1. We have so much potential for great trails. I think its just a matter of getting the right people in the room at the right time and laying out a vision. I'll post more on that on Wednesday.