Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snowmageddon Redux

On Monday I wrote as if the snow event of the year was over.  In fact, almost as soon as I had finished that post up, scheduled it for Monday A.M. and shut the computer down the call came through: “we can pull the sled with the four-wheeler.”
I typically abhor motorized recreation.  It’s mostly on principle and not because it’s not a fun form of entertainment.  That and having grown up Lower Middle Class my family never really had the money for motorized toys.  A bike was cheaper than a dirt bike.  Skis are cheaper than a snowmobile.  The other factor is that I don’t like loud things.  Full stop.
On one hand I just wanted to sit at home sipping something hot or something soothing and maybe plink out a couple more pages on the book.  No, not the Leadville book silly!  But one more play session in the snow before it melted would be nice.  We all suited up and headed deeper up the Creek.

We ended up at the Crabtree Nordic Center and Flea Market where we joined up with a surprising bunch of friends and friends of friends.  Without hardly a ‘howdy do’ we dropped our sled at the top of the ‘slopes’ and took our turns on the established runs.
It didn’t take long before someone said we needed to hook up a sled to the four-wheeler, and then carnage ensued.
Hang on fellas!
Cause old bones break easy...

In the end it was a lot of fun.  I ran the human powered sleds and created a pretty good, fast run down the front yard.  But then two of the old fellas (but not as old as me) jumped on behind the four-wheeler and I had to break out the camera.
I had as much fun capturing pixels for posterity (and blackmail) as everyone else had being dragged around Gary Crabtree’s front yard.  Gary sported his typical non-plussed expression as he whipped and weaved all over the yard slinging kids of all ages into the powdery snow.  Good times were had by all.

Back at home we relaxed with more hot food and the knowledge that by next weekend the snow will likely all be gone.  School is still suspended until we get some thawing.  I’m back to work (as of Monday) and looking forward to the Kentucky Mountain Bike Meeting this coming Saturday in London.  Oh, and I’ll be turning 42.


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