Monday, January 11, 2016

You Have the Right to Remain Violent?

I don’t know exactly how allemansr├Ątten—the right to roam—works in other countries in regard to state versus private ownership.  What I mean is, I don’t know what ratio of public to private lands exist.  Maybe right to roam laws exist because there is very little public land.  Or maybe there is a lot of public land and the laws are in place to ensure uninterrupted access by the public across private lands.
Regardless, these Y’all Qaeda YeeHawdist insist that they’re fighting to give land back to the people.  Now, I’m 100% certain they aren’t referring to Native Americans.  White Supremacists don’t give stuff away free to brown or red people.  So who do they want to give the land back to?

Here's what "people" do when they have unrestricted and unregulated access to land.

Well, currently federal lands for the most part are public.  See, what that means is that the general populace has access to those lands.  That doesn’t mean you or I can go out and plant a garden or cut firewood on BLM, USFS, or other federal lands without going through the proper channels.  And maybe there are policies in place which won’t allow us to grow carrots in a Wildlife Refuge.  But for the most part we have unrestricted access to visit and enjoy public lands.  Even designated Wilderness Areas are open to the public typically without an admission fee*.
These Vanilla ISIS ranchers got their feelings hurt because the Feds won’t let them graze their big dumb hamburgers for free on public lands.  Y’know, I’d like to go onto the hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest in Kentucky and build mountain bike trails.  Ultimately I want to do that for my own selfish interests, but I could also capitalize on the presence of trails to open a bike shop, rent bikes, and maybe even open a mountain biking summer camp. 
Fortunately there are policies in place which limit me doing that.  Because—and I think I’m 100% right in this—if I could do that, then so could ORV enthusiasts, equestrians, and any other slob in a smelly t-shirt, and pretty soon there would be user conflicts galore!  Regulation is important in a civilized society.  The Constitution does not protect some hypothetical “right to anarchy.”  And let’s face it—that’s what these altruistic people mean when they say “give the Constitution back to the people” and give the land “back to the people.”
Bypassing someone else's "constitutional rights"
The people they refer to are those with the strongest interest and the most might to defend their interests.  Governments exist to protect us from anarchic tendencies.  That’s really what our Constitution protects us against. 
I find it disconcerting that the government is allowing the occupation of public lands by armed militias that truly have no legal standing.  I'm writing this prior to the weekend for a Monday entry, so maybe by the time this posts things will have changed.  I'll respond accordingly.
Mandy and I recently watched the documentary Cowspiracy and it took me near the edge of becoming vegan-lite.  I don’t know if I could totally swear off meat or animal products, and I know I could commit to only locally sourced animal products if those were more economically and geographically available to me.  But this controversy surrounding public lands and the supposed right of ranchers to make a buck at the expense of those public lands drives me to the brink.
If it would shut these morons up I would give up beef forever. 
Oddly, I think it is a network snarl of public policies that cause my hamburgers to be ranched in Oregon and not on perfectly good farmland straight across the road from my front porch.  I remember a time when there were cattle grazing on the auld Chainring family homestead.  Now the only things that graze in the field in front of my house are suburbanites.
If we didn't subsidize the wrong people to grow plants and animals for food (in the driest part or the country) then maybe our economy would be stronger and the White Supremacists wouldn't have so much political power.  If there are any real complaints against gubment they ought to be directed toward policies that financially favor a vocal minority over the greater good.

*Some overnight user fees apply.

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