Friday, February 26, 2016

Ramming Speed Friday: Hot Irons Edition

Remember I said I had forty two irons in the fire?  It’s like instead of just having a few too many irons in the fire I’m also trying to juggle them to mix analogies.
And it’s funny how things seem to come together all at once.
The Clay City Park boat access project is ‘round the horn.  We need to apply for permits.  Fish & Wildlife has a design for us.
The Judy Creek Trail public meeting is on March 3rd and I’m trying to promote it at this point.  Things are looking up on that too.  I’m still sort of mind boggled that this trail idea might come to fruition.  If it does I think it may just be the beginning of a long career of building trails for me.
The weather might be starting to come around and I’m getting antsy to get the Flat Hollow Arch Trail loop finished.  We need to have a trail day or two so my own lower back doesn’t bear the brunt of trail construction.  And so I am trying to logisticize that. 
I haven’t been riding, I haven’t been riding, I haven’t been riding. 
That’s all that needs to be said about that.
On the other hand, we are actually in the process of hiring my replacement so I can move into the Planner/Trails - Bike-Ped Coordinator position.  And those first two projects I mentioned are directly related to my job and that impending position.  For me, that’s huge.  I’ve been able to somehow trick the universe into letting me create the position I wanted to have.  I hope I can have a few big successes before someone realizes what’s going on and points and says: “Who is that guy and why are we letting him have so much fun?”
I firmly believe that by creating the position that we are going to stimulate demand for more bike-ped and trails infrastructure in the region and that the position will end up justifying itself in the long run.  We all see the potential value, but it’s hard to quantify it so early in the game.
But that’s my quick and dirty Ramming Speed Friday post.  Hope you have a speedy weekend with lots to carry on about.  I intend to try and garner some blog fodder myself.