Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hope I'm Not Too Late With the Race Report

If I had raced as a Clydesdale (qualify by one pound) I would have come in third.  If I had trained I probably would have come in third instead of fourth in Single Speed where I did race.  In the Cat 2 my pace had me at 18th out of 20.  Again, training, age group, etc.
Admittedly the Cave Run Lake race of the 2016 Kentucky Point Series had a small field.  It was limited to 150 overall.  There were only four single speeders.  I came in fourth.  However, I managed a 9.2 mph average on the Simply Simple Bike and at Cave Run.  It warnt no Veterans Park.
Much like the Red River Gorge Cave Run Lake has a lot of potential.  It's similar topography between the two areas.  Cave Run seems to have more open drainage along the Escarpment where RRG has steeper, darker and more erosionally tortured watersheds.
Both areas together make up the bulk of the Cumberland Ranger District of the Daniel Boone National Forest.  And that’s why it makes sense for a new IMBA chapter to cover the Cumberland be formed.  The decision making landscape has changed somewhat within the Cumberland.  It’s an exciting time to be trying to get new trails built in the area.
Ty and I rode Big Limestone last summer after the IMBA trail day over in Morehead.  It was rough then.  When I rode it on Saturday as part of the race course I was pleased to see its been ridden in quite well and seems to be turning into a classic.  I’m excited to go back in the near future for a mere recreational ride.  Maybe I’ll ride the partially squishy bike on the rocky ridge fingers and preserve my inflamed joints.
Bean and her friend had a blast riding around and riding the 10 and Under course all day long.  When it came time to wheel up to the start my youngest looked tired.  We tried to warn her, but she just wouldn’t listen.  Seems like she had fun racing her single speed pink princess bike anyway.

That’s the report Dear Readers.  Other than standing at the finish waiting for Ty to come off of his first mountain bike race of ten miles while more and more people rolled in and he kept failing to appear…other than that it was a pretty stress free day.  But Ty did great.  He won his age group in Cat 3 Jr Men’s. 


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