Friday, March 4, 2016

Ramming Speed Friday: Compensation Package Edition

Oh. My. Lord. In. Heaven.
Donald Trump (DJ Drumpf) just assured the entire world that he has a big penis.  I would not be surprised if the man ended up sexting the nation the next time someone calls his manhood into question.  Is this really the frontrunner in the republican party?  Really?!
But I have to ponder…he’s built towering skyscrapers.  He constantly talks about how great he is, how strong he is, how smart he is…people who have to continually reaffirm their virility seem to the be the ones with the greatest shortfalls.  How Napoleonic…
Drumpf has been married three times.  He’s so virile...
Trevor Noah compared Drumpf to Mussolini.  It was easy considering The Donaldo has unapologetically been quoting the fascist dictator…NAY, the “Father of Fascism.”  But The Daily Show host outlined the fascist checklist:

1) Cult of action

2) Celebrating aggressive masculinity

3) Fear of outsiders

4) Nationalism

5) Intolerance of criticism

6) Resentment at national humiliation

Noah went on to show clips of Big Don checking off each line numerous times with his own words.  All the while Noah stood by laughing nervously.  As well he should.  DJ Drumpf hates the media.  And when he “comes to power” people like Trevor Noah will be the first up against the wall.

You don’t believe me?  How about Donny, Jr.’s statement about paying for celebrities to move to Canada if his father is elected?  How many steps is it from loathing the media and celebrities to exiling and then killing them?  Tell me, how many steps?  Even Drumpf with his fat legs could make that hop.

I can’t go on.  I have to stop.  I’ll be applying for that luxury Canadian relocation package before the terms change.  I am an ultra-famous blogger after all.

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