Monday, March 14, 2016

RIDE to Glory

I am a published short story author.  Recently Keith Snyder released RIDE 3: Short Fiction About Bicycles which includes my piece “All You Haters.”  The title is a reference to an oft quoted battle cry by the infamous Bike Snob.  The abbreviation of the phrase is AYHSMB.  I dropped the orb sucking portion for my title, but I feel it still retains the essence of the sentiment.
The story takes place over the course of a work day in the life of Brian.  The protagonist was written as a cross between Jim Halpert and…Jim Halpert as a bike commuter.  Brian is perpetually frustrated by his non-cycling coworkers and their snide and ignorant comments directed at him and his chosen mode of transportation. 
Brian has finally had enough.  He strikes back with his own brand of snark.  The story is both an exposé of commuter bike culture and a critique of modern cubicle life.
I wrote the story rather quickly, sitting in a cubicle, as a full time bike commuter in a major metropolitan area.  By the time the story is published I have moved to a small rural community and commute by car into a smaller metropolitan area.  I loathe my daily commute.  I drive in a single day now almost as much as I rode in a week when I lived in Denver.  At least I don’t have to put up with the droll diatribe from Cro-Magnon coworkers.
The other exciting thing about being included in this collection is that it also includes a story by Elden “Fat Cyclist” Nelson.  I’m hoping his name recognition gives more credence and success to the book and by default catapults me to fame and fortune.  Would I ride on Fatty’s coattails so shamelessly?  You bet I would!
I must admit, I have not read RIDE 3 cover to cover yet.  I’m working my way through it.  Though…my own story was the first one in the collection.  I am humbled and awed that I got the “top billing” so to speak.
I had considered doing a review of sorts of the book excepting my own story, but have decided not to go that route.  There’s probably some superstition in regards to that; so I’ll simply refrain.  Having said all that, please check it out.  The book is currently available in digital formats and will soon be in print as well. 


  1. AWESOME!!!! Now I need to find it and get it so I can read it. Love the first page.

    1. Thank you! It's in print on Amazon now. I know it's on Kindle and I think other digital formats.