Friday, June 24, 2016

Ramming Speed Friday: Doldrums of Summer Edition

I tried to do some trail work in Flat Hollow yesterday.  I managed to get the weedeating done, but by the time I got to the furthest section of the Fire on the Mountain reroute with a prybar and Rogue hoe I could hardly manage a respectable whack at the dry duff that needs to be peeled back to expose the trail underneath. 
The prybar is for working in the short rock garden section that bars progress currently.  I’m excited about constructing through there, but I really need more help to do it.  For one because I’m old and for two because I want other sets of eyes to make it a great section of trail.  Anyway, I bailed on the trail work, headed home, and then listened to the pounding rain on the roof for a while last night.
I keep saying I need to be riding and running more.  I have no intention of going back to the intensity of running that I was at last year until I’m in phenomenal shape, but I should be out riding more often and working up my endurance to longer miles.  I’m not.
We went rock climbing last weekend but only managed a paltry short 5.3 trad route.  I’m too far out of mental shape to dive back in even on routes that I once had great familiarity with.  It’s going to be a long road back.  And with the heat and humidity of July fast approaching it’s going to be a slow road as well.
One thing that’s contributing to my malaise is a lack of some race/ride/run event to shoot for.  I’m not “training” for anything.  There is no pressure to perform.  Of course the flip side of that is I’d be bemoaning my injuries and lack of fitness if I were.  Go figure.
After the Mohican this year I decided if I’m going back next year that I definitely should race and not just spectate.  But that’s almost a year out.  Then there’s the Fool’s Gold race this fall.  Reportedly if you take a volunteer your registration is free.  I need to look into that a little more.  Or find something relatively close to home to train for.  The KY Point Series just didn’t do it for me.  There were too many races I wanted to do that I just couldn’t make.  I need a singular event. 
But all this is mental acrobatics.  It does nothing to strengthen my body or even really condition my mind.  Its speculation and fantasy.  I need real action.
I won’t make any bold proclamations in this post.  I need to figure out my future fitness goals and find a reasonable target to aim for.  More on that next week maybe…

Contemplating balance

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