Friday, July 8, 2016

Ramming Speed Friday: Hurry Up, the Handbasket is Departing Edition

Trump.  Egad, there is just too much!  I can’t even begin to go down that road.  If he gets elected then John Brunner’s Prexy character from The Sheep Look Up will come to life.  Or Mussolini’s restless spirit will have a body to possess.  What worries me about Trump is that if (please Lord no) he gets elected then the bullies, racists, and misogynists will become even more empowered in their hate and discrimination than they are now during Trump’s campaign.
You likely will already have heard that last night in Dallas during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest/rally snipers shot and killed a number of police officers, wounded more including a civilian, and are in custody.  As of early Friday the news media has not talked about the racial or socio-political makeup of the attackers.  On one hand it really doesn’t matter.
It seems like this attack is in direct response to the two recent killing of black men by police officers.  I’ve watched the video of both and neither seemed remotely justified.  Race issues or not, the killings reveal a true dysfunction in our relationships with guns in America.  There was a third story that may get lost in the next twenty four hour news cycle.  A black man was found hanging dead in a tree in Atlanta. As much as I absolutely hate to say it; I hope it was a suicide and not a lynching.
The fact that we have a candidate for president that will likely sidestep the issue and refuse to soundly condemn these acts or pledge to do anything to change the racially charged atmosphere we live in in this country today is deplorable.  The fact that he has so much public support is disturbing and disheartening. 
I’m not going to go on and on about these issues.  I’m not nearly qualified enough to assuage people’s grief or fears.  I don’t have the background or experience in comforting those who are mourning or reassuring those who are uncertain about the future.  The best I can do is pray, hug my children close, and try to teach them to be good people.
In closing I will simply say: stop the hate.  Stop the racism.  Stop the madness.

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