Monday, August 1, 2016

Eighty Feet

July is not the best time for trail building in Eastern Kentucky.  I've tried.  It's just not enjoyable.
Despite the heat and recent rains I've knocked the Nukular Reroute in Flat Hollow down to eighty feet left to bench cut.  The Trail Faerie has helped too.  He manages to get down more often than I.  He just has his own agenda.
But still...
Eighty feet of dirt left to move and the loop I started pushing for a year ago is almost finished.  Sadly it's only two miles of trail.  Recently Dave and I hiked—haha!  BUSHWHACKED--a new trail corridor on the east side of Flat Hollow.  Once finished the new trail will add another mile in the drainage.  And it's going to be freakin' amazing!
When I look at the land in the Big Sinking area (which includes Bald Rock which includes Flat Hollow) I see potential.  I can imagine if the dirt is removed and the rocks have been moved.  The trails are there under the surface like that sculpture inside a block of marble.  Its all there.  Its not a matter of possibilities but of eventualities.
In other mountain biking news—I'm in the process of doing final edits to Leadville or Bust.  It's finally wrapping up.  My goal is to ePub on August 13 and maybe have print-on-demand available too.  A friend is helping me with the cover design and it looks great!  Once we have a final proof I may share a snippet here.  I did abandon using Boone's artwork for the cover but I think I'm going to use it for a promotional poster.
Flat Hollow was good yesterday afternoon.  Despite recent rains and icky humidity the trails are in fantastic shape.  I rode the Bald Rock Loop and all of the singletrack in Flat Hollow.  All total it was 4.6 miles.  I could have picked up Sore Heel too for another mile or so.  But I didn't.
It drives me crazy holding this vision in my head while development moves along at a geologic pace.  I want it all to be finished so I can go ride for a couple or three hours on singletrack.  I'm just sick of being patient and slowly plodding toward a dim goal in the future.  At the rate we're moving it's going to take five to six more years to build out my vision.  That's just too long.
Anyway, that’s the short and sweet update.  I hope to have more inspirational fare to post up here on the back alley wall of the internet real soon.

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