Monday, September 12, 2016

Lead and Iron

I’m signed up for the Iron Horse Half Marathon.  I guess I knew this since Mandy signed us up early this year.  But last I heard neither her, nor her mom, nor her aunt (who were all signed up as well) were going to do the race, so I had just let it settle into a dimly lit corner of my mind.  I’ve not been running.
Now we’re five weeks out from the race.  At least I won’t be doing it off the couch.
Cross country season is in full swing, but much like last year I don’t get to run much at all because we have practice every night, and I’m an assistant coach.  It’s also been hot as sin.  If I had been running all summer it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m not currently acclimated to running in the heat.  Starting before Fair Day might be fatal to my old fat self.
That said, I’m going to run the first training run of my Six Five Weeks to a Half Marathon plan today.  I understand the folly of jumping from zero to thirteen point one in five weeks.  I understand.  I won’t be shooting for a fast pace.  My goal will simply be to run as much as possible and finish the race.  I got a decent PR last year.  It was a surprise.  I still don’t know how I pulled off a sub-two hour half, but I did. 
The Iron Horse was the peak of my fitness last year.  Everything fell apart after that.  I’ve only felt well enough to pull the ears of a gundark in the past couple of months.  I feel positively superhuman right now as I am taking an anti-inflammatory for a weird rash I’ve had for a couple of weeks.  My bad knee feels like it’s made of steel.
Maybe a five week training window will be good.  I have to be extra cautious and not injure myself, but I can maintain focus for five weeks (ha!) and as long as I adhere to the schedule I shouldn’t be running longer distances than I have business running.  It’s not like I’m new to running.
I got though the August (emotional) doldrums.  I can’t speak for certain about last year, but I know the year before August was a rough month for me.  This August has been challenging.  And as fast as the demons fly at me to bit and scratch they fly away and some unforeseen conversation soothes my soul.  I don’t know which is better: wallowing in the dark mire or riding the roller coaster.  Regardless, I think I’m through my late summer funk and looking forward to fall.  I love fall.  I always have.
I'm biding my time for the release of Leadville or Bust. Truth be told I really just need to purchase ISBNs and then I can begin the final steps to put it into the world.  The sense of urgency is passed because I know how close I am.  Since the 2016 race is behind me I just don't feel like a big announcement now is going to make much of a splash.  Maybe when the lottery opens for 2017...

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