Friday, October 21, 2016

Ramming Speed Friday: Frankly Four Eyes Edition

On Wednesday my run of antibiotic eye drops was up.  I also picked up my new contact lenses.  I’m back to normal vision.  It’s odd to be able to see without distortion and for my eyes not to burn and bubble in their sockets.  Whatever all that was I’m glad it’s passed.

Saturday is Bean’s last cross country meet of the year.  We’re all glad.  It’s been a tough fall to this point with frequent regular practices and some weekends eaten up by races.  I meant to have a new roof on the house by now.  I meant to have a lot of things finished at this point.  I am a chronic procrastinator.

Its fall now and I want to climb.  This is the perfect season to be out in the woods caressing sandstone.  I don’t even mind the recent rains and windy conditions.  Still better to be in the woods.  Still better to be wrassling pebbles or swinging on ropes.

My body feels pretty good right now.  All those bloggable chronic injuries have quieted.  I can see.  That’s important. 

2016 has not been too bad from an event and racing standpoint.  I did three mountain bike races.  Didn’t do much running.  I am glad to have scaled back and taken it easier.  There was no internal pressure to perform at a certain level.  There were no mileage goals. 

I have no plans for big events next year.  At least not organized fee events.  I’ll probably do the Mohican 100.  We’ve talked about doing the Flying Pig half marathon and likely we’ll sign up for the Iron Horse again.  I want to do more of the Kentucky Point Series races and I’ll definitely do 12 Hours of CVP again.
Sweating at the KY Point Series race/Bluegrass State Games at CVP
photo by I Can't Remember
Other than the Mohican and the two running races everything else can be approached impromptu.  And so that leaves me flexible for more adventurous endeavors.  I have two in mind that I want to train for. 

I’ve spoken at length in the past about my desire to attempt a thru-bike of the Sheltowee Trace.  Next fall I intend to give it a serious effort.  If the opportunity presents itself earlier in 2017 I’ll likely go ahead, but fall is my target.

The other big scheme I have for the coming year is to ride the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway in a day and throw down a serious FKT.  It’ll be 90+ miles of suffering on the Cumberland Plateau.  It’ll be hard on the bike and hard on me.  But I think it’ll be a worthy goal for the year and great training for the Sheltowee.

I am painfully aware that I throw out goals and schemes like this all the time.  In the past I’ve thrown down some heavy gauntlets and I think if I approach these two goals with focus and the right kind of preparation I’ll be successful.  And we’re not talking a one hundred mile mountain bike race.  We’re talking about a fun day out in the woods of pain, suffering, and heartbreak.  What could possibly go wrong?

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