Monday, November 14, 2016

Last Weekend Tonight

Its a bit of a late post today.  Please forgive me.  Work has been beyond insane lately.  But without further ado...Monday's post:

I have a strategy now.  In order to get more people interested in riding in my area and helping to build new mountain bike trails I’m going to start taking people out riding in the woods!

This is a stunning reveleation.  Our Election Day ride on Tuesday was a good start.  From that I got a trail day planned for December.  Friday Jeff, Dave, and Dave’s friend Rob and I rode Spaas Creek and Hatton Ridge.  It was the same ride Jeff and I did last week.  But I finally just owned it.  The potential is there and obvious.  We just need to have people ride past and through it to see for themselves.

Old men in the mountains
(including the one behind the lens)

It was just another Taking-Pics-of-Jeff-Jumping-Over-Stuff kind of day

So there we went, two Powell County and two Clark County guys riding up Spaas Creek and having a blast picking our lines and cleaning house.  It was a little muddier after the recent rains, but we’ve figured out the trick.  We take it slow and easy on the way up and keep the slop down, then on the return ride after cruising the ridges we bomb back down and split all the mudholes like rockets.

Anyway, it was a great day to ride.  The smoke from recent forest fires had waned so our lungs only burned from the climb and not from the particulates.  We had a good group.  I was the least gear-head of the four of us.  It turns out Jeff and Rob grew up really close to each other in Lexington, though they’re about seven years apart in age.  We got along well and had a great time.

Saturday was the Rough Trail Ultramarathon 50k & 15k.  You’ll remember that last year I signed up for the 50k and ended up running the 25k (marketed as 22k).  This year I decided not to do any big running events, and I’ve managed to keep that promise.  I skipped the Pig and the Iron Horse this year.  No big trail runs.  I only did a few short mountain bike races.  The effect has been a much happier body, if a little fluffier to boot.

50k racer on Auxier Ridge Saturday morning

This year I intended to shoot photos of the racers out on course.  I was able to get out to Auxier Ridge and get all of the 50k runners coming out the ridge, but due to a volunteer shortage I had to then run over to Chimney Top Road and Rough Trail to help my folks out with the aid station there.  It’s the 25k turnaround and the 50k racers go through it twice. It was an important and busy aid station.  I wasn’t able to get photos of any of the 25k runners on the course so I feel like trying to market to the entire race field my photographic products would be a little odd.  I’m going to put out lower quality images for free and sell whatever higher quality pics people want.  I did learn a bit about trying to do something like this for money.  You can’t just throw it together.  And while I had a great plan, and it worked well, there are a lot of things that can go wrong as a photographer that can spell disaster for the day.  Luckily, other than the aid station snafu, nothing else went wrong.

Al running sweep for the 50k and showing off his marking ribbon grass skirt

Things are going to change in 2017.  I hope all in a positive manner.  I do want to start running again but not to train for a 50k trail run.  My mountain biking just got a major shot in the arm, though I’m not at liberty to share just how yet.

This week is the annual KBBC conference and this year it’s in my backyard at Natural Bridge State Park.  I’ll have much more to write about the end of this coming week soon.  Stay tuned!

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