Friday, November 4, 2016

Ramming Speed Friday: Keeping It 100 Edition

It’s Friday again.  And it’s fall.  And today it finally feels like fall.  And the weekend looks to stay fall.

Last night I dragged the ol’ Cannonball X out of the cobwebbed corners of the basement.  I’m determined to get it roadworthy again.  I have everything I need to install hydraulic brakes on it.  I’m just leery to start cutting and measuring and measuring and cutting.  I could probably YouTube my way through it, but I’m still hesitant.

Once it’s braked up I need to clean and lube the chain, give it a good going over tightening things and tuning it up, and then it needs to be ridden.  If money were no hindrance I’d go ahead and buy new cargo bags for it to really dress the bike up.  I took off the H-bar and put a regular flat mountain bike bar back on the bike.  I intend to swap out the slick commuter tires for moderately knobby mountain bike tires for off-road fun.  But otherwise the bike is in good shape.  The chain hasn’t rusted despite the humidity in the Bike Cave.  I always wanted to get the SideCar for Xtracycles, but honestly I don’t know if I’d have used it much.  But then again, when I’ve had new bike toys I’ve always made excuses to use them.  Obviously with the SideCar I could fetch chicken feed from the hardware store.  I suspect I could figure out a way to transport my crashpad on it for post-hunting season fun beyond the gates on the Rim or out Hatton Ridge. 

Anyway, with this Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax I think I’ll be able to use the CBX more often.  And I intend to get it rideable and keep it rideable for the long haul.  I can procure eats from town, make the sub-twenty mile jaunt into the Nat’l Forest for camping fun, and really ramp up the bikecragging craze.  It’s definitely time.  I need inspiration, and I need the activity and movement therapy. 

The recent forays into the western wilds has me itching for a bikepacking trip.  Just an overnight.  Nothing too epic.



How about a one hundred mile mountain bike race in Eastern Kentucky?  I think it’s time.

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