Thursday, November 10, 2016

You Can't Be A Christian and Vote for Trump

"Trump's not a racist.  He has employed many people of color in his businesses."
"I voted for Trump, and I'm not a racist."
I've heard both of these statements before and after the election.  I have a huge problem with both of them.  I have myriad problems with Trump in general, but I want to focus my post-election rant on these two justifications people offered to vote for Trump.  Or should I say "Drumpf?"
Let's tackle the first one: Drumpf isn't a racist because he employed people of color?  So did slave owners in the south before the abolition of slavery.  So do many white nationalist business owners because they are prevented by law from discriminating against people of color.  This statement dismissing Drumpf's blatant racism is false logic.  You can be racist and still employ or work beside minorities.  You can be a misogynist and still employ and harass women. You can be a bully and still sit next to the skinny kids on the bus.  The first Drumpf racism defense falls flat on its face.  If you had said: "He takes in homeless minorities and let's them live for free on his properties; he's obviously not a racist" and that statement could be proven to be true then you would have a logical argument.  This first one is not.
Secondly, "I voted for Drumpf, and I'm not a racist."  This is more complex.  But there is still a clear, logical refutation of this statement.  Regardless of Drumpf's personal feelings about minorities, women, and non-"christian" religions he received groundswell support from the KKK, other white nationalists, and other hate groups.  His rallies incited documented criminal violence against protestors, particularly those of color.  His rallies revealed a desire in many closeted bigots to come out into the open.  Obviously they were drawn by his words.  Obviously his rhetoric attracted these human cockroaches.  You can't simply say: "I don't approve of those things but I admire his business acumen."  I'd give you a pass if we were quibbling over his tax or foreign policies, but we're not.  By dismissing the vitriol and hatred that was conceived within his campaign and flung out into the world like a big handful of monkey crap you're allowing yourself to be complicit in it.
If you use the argument "I voted for Trump, but I'm not racist" at BEST you're okay with living in a world where racism exists.  At BEST you're okay living in a world where my daughter can be sexually harassed which is a culturally condoned act or raped in which case she'll be blamed and shamed as the victim.  At BEST you're okay living in a world where the bullies always win.
I am not okay with a world where Donald J. Trump is the leader of any country.  I never watched his reality TV shows because he disgusts me.  I never regarded him with much favor because for as long as I have been aware of the man he's seemed like a sleaze bucket business man who exploits women and does more than his fair share to degrade the moral fabric of the world.  He was a regular guest on the Howard Stern show for crying out loud!  I was appalled that someone like him could get the republican nomination and now to have won the White House?!?!?!
I was taught to hold Christian values, but I've watched so many people I love and once respected throw their shoulders behind Donald Trump for president.  It does not compute.  Trump does not represent my values.  Trump does not hold or value Christian ideologies.  His attempts to portray himself as a moral and God fearing person have been laughable, and most of those people in my life who have espoused Christianity as the one true path have bought his lies hook, line, and sinker.  I can only believe that they must be deluding themselves.  They must be fully immersed in a cognitive dissonance feedback loop.  And I have let go of whatever respect I was desperately hanging on to for those people who voted for Drumpf as a "christian" candidate.  I am disappointed and ashamed.
The abortion argument against Clinton is really of no merit in this case.  Abortion was an issue contrived in order to co-opt Christianity for right-wing political purposes.  It was strategically chosen and developed to put American Christians over a barrel: Vote for a republican or vote for a baby killer.  In that nefarious tactic Christians lost their freedom of choice; not truly, but as taught from the pulpit and as pressured by their peers.  You can't be a Christian and vote for a democrat.  There's a sign in my hometown that says that.  Two actually.  So we've (christians) been conditioned to vote for a single party regardless of the merits of the individuals running for any particular office.  And therefore we feel we must support buffoons like Matt Bevin and Donald Drumpf.
I've been told I need to repent for voting for Barack Obama or my soul is in jeopardy of perishing in hell.  I assume those who feel that way will take my vote for Hillary Clinton as me turning my back on God.  How sad.  How sad that my emotional, mental, and physical well-being have been poison by a political agenda to divide us, to make us distrust each other, and harshly judge, and betray our own beliefs.  How truly heart-rending and soul crushing to know that the lies have Trumped truth so thoroughly that good, honest people will betray the truth for the promise of the liar.
Y'know, the Bible calls Satan the Father of Lies.  Drumpf lies for simple convenience, contradicts himself in single sentences, and ignores logic and fact.  He tells us frequently to trust him.  An honest man wouldn't have to reassure us.  An honorable man wouldn't behave the way this overgrown oompa-loompa does with his crude speech and rude tirades.
I am sick to my stomach with the results of this election.  I fear for the future of my family and of this country.  I feel no patriotism at this moment.  I feel no pride in my country, my state, or my community.  We have failed.
I had intended to end this post with that last sentence, but that’s not me.  Contrary to popular belief I’m not a doom and gloom kinda guy.  I’m not a pessimist.  I consider myself a realist.
Yes, a Trump presidency is going to suck for a lot of people.  But most of us are more resilient than we realize.  I don’t say that to dismiss the fears of women, or brown people, or anyone else.  I’m not saying you just have to accept it.  But in a sense we do.  All of us.  We can either mourn, or we can hitch up our britches and get to work being good people and continue to work on making the world a better place.  Because when it all comes down to it that’s what we all want, we just may have different definitions of what a better world looks like.



  1. I couldn't believe most of my coworkers cheered when Drumpf won. Drumpf has always disgusted me. I hope he surprises us and makes a decent president or this country is in trouble.

    1. I know. These are stranger times we find ourselves in.