Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sick Days Are Not For Being Sick!

Ugh, I've been sick.  I don't get this sick but maybe once a decade.  Five year intervals at the most.  I was in bed for four days.  I had to take four consecutive sick days.  That just ain't right!

The doctor (whom I rarely see) concluded it was a "bronchitis-like thing."  It wasn't the flu.  My symptoms were fever up to 103, lack of energy, intermittent cough, slight nasal congestion, and the occasional headache just to make it fun.  Other than the fever and weakness nothing was severe.

I felt somewhat better Saturday.  I had a trail day scheduled in Flat Hollow and despite the cold temps forecasted people were actually planning to show.  My original intention was to meet up, hand the tools off to Brad, at most walk them to the start of the new section, and go home.  I woke up feeling pretty good.  I had a day’s worth of antibiotics and a good night’s sleep behind me.  So I ended up staying all day watching the progress unfold and "supervising."  In truth they did pretty well without me.  But I was stoked to see the trail cross and then climb out of a steep little gully.  The group built twice as much as I'd hoped for and three times as much as I expected.  There were six of us total.

Last Sunday afternoon I took a short scouting ride.  I've got to sort out a couple of sections of the hundred mile race and I've got to do it quick.  There's a section on the off-road park that if I can get permission it will need some clearing.  It's less than two miles but overgrown with Mordor briars.  There's also a short rock step that will need a bench cut trail to get past.  Short section though...

The Saturday before that Bean and I went out and flagged for the trail day.  Seems like I did so much more right before getting sick, but really most of it has to do with planning this hundred mile mountain bike race.  I'll dedicate a post very soon to the race.  My mind is so far behind right now I just can't seem to formulate the thoughts to begin planning blog posts.  Maybe I'm still a little foggy of mind.  Maybe the fever got higher than I realized.

The first day I was sick I thought I might be able to get ahead on my writing.  I thought I could do a lot of race planning.  I thought—worst case—I could binge watch all three Hobbit movies and the LOTR trilogy.  I failed to do any of those things.  I did zero writing.  I managed a tiny bit of race planning early on, and Boone and I were only able to get through The Hobbit trilogy and the first half of the first half of the Fellowship of the Ring.  Such a bummer.

Today’s post is a day late and short to boot.  I promise I’m still alive and kicking.  And I promise that really soon I will be back to normal levels of internet littering.

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