Friday, February 10, 2017

Ramming Speed Friday: Not Busted Edition

I made a lot of assertions over the past few years that I was on the verge of publishing my book about doing the Leadville 100.  Let’s be up front about this…I lack self-confidence and this one is tied up in a lot of my own personal issues.  The book is basically as close to an autobiography/memoir as I’m ever likely to write and it included a lot of passages about personal demons.  It’s also my first real attempt at writing a full length book and to date is my only completed book-length work.

I couldn’t beg or bribe anyone to read the damn thing and give me constructive feedback.  I’m not mad, and I’m not implicating anyone in this, but that alone made it hard to feel confident in putting it out.  You have to realize I don’t have a community of authors that I sit around drinking coffee with and discussing our writing.  If only!  No, I was asking friends and family and in some cases perfect strangers to help me out.

Again, I’m not fussing at those people, and I am so unbelievably grateful to everyone who has offered words of encouragement and who has expressed persistent interest in seeing my book in print. 

A few weeks ago I was driving somewhere and it occurred to me…the book is doing no one any good sitting in a file on my computer.  It might not be perfect; it might have spelling, grammar, and artistic errors.  Some passages may read awkwardly.  At this point does that matter?

I tried to shop it around to conventional publishers and got absolutely no response.  Admittedly I didn’t shop it hard.  I also didn’t want to seek out an agent whom I would have to share profits with.  I know the pros and cons of hiring an agent, but I’m running on a shoestring budget, and I never expected this book to make me rich.  Why not put it out for my own gratification and let it ride?

So here we are.  Leadville or Bust by Chris Chaney is now on Kindle*.  The book will only be available on the Kindle platform and as a print-on-demand book for now. 

If you have an interest and buy the book please, please, please write a review, even a brief one is helpful, and give it a rating.  Don’t feel like you have to spare my feelings, I just want an honest take on the book.

If you’d like to review the book for a legitimate outlet please contact me and I’ll get you a copy: 

Anyway, so it’s out there.  I’m currently working on the In the Red collection and getting some great stuff.  My goal is to publish it by next fall; ideally in August.  Reading and editing the In the Red submissions has somewhat inspired me to actively write again.  For whatever reasons I’m really struggling right now to write anything of substance.  That was another reason I wanted to put LOB out there.  If it started to generate any positive response maybe I would really feel the urge to kick into high gear on the novel and keep moving forward on ITR.  

So there you have it.  We made it.  We didn’t bust.  There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that I’m really not at liberty to share here at this time regarding my feelings toward the mountain bike race that inspired me, defeated me, and resulted in my writing of a book.  Those feelings are now mixed, and corrupted, and I am certain that chapter of the story isn’t finished.  Likely it’ll never be a chapter written in an actual book, but I hope someday soon to be able to share it here with you on this back alley wall of the internet.

Happy Friday!

* As of Thursday morning I had submitted an updated file to Kindle Direct Publishing because I found an error in the original (the climax of the book was mysteriously missing!) and it may not be updated by Friday.  I'll try to remember to edit all of this out once I get the all clear, but if I forget the changes still should be made by the weekend.  And I believe even if you purchase the first version Kindle will push an update once the edit has gone through.  If you have any problems let me know and I'll look into it.

ADDENDUM: The print version is available, but I realized I used the wrong option and am working to correct that.  There may be a short time when print won't be available, but ultimately you will be able to get a print-on-demand copy of the book very soon.

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