Friday, February 17, 2017

Ramming Speed Friday: Six Dollars to Fame Edition

Friday, Friday, Friday.  If only Friday were the answer to my questions and the solution to my problems. 

Today I have subjected the Ol’ New Bike to the indignity of being hauled on the back of the car to Lexington for a lunchtime ride at the Park of Veterans on dirty trails.  Ol’ New Bike…N+1…the Auld Pion Mowtun.
Not Veterans Park

Speaking of “whatevs,” I had not previously mentioned because I didn’t want to skew the campaign / election / impeachment cycle, but I am now the chair of the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.  LAMPO BPAC for short.  Well, it’s not really short, and this is mainly a ceremonial role.  But it’s a ceremonial roll with cream cheese icing that I fully intend to put on my résumé.


Speaking of “anywho,” interest has been growing for my Tilting at Windmills Club, aka, the Red River Gorge Mountain Bike Trails Initiative and World Domination Plot.  Minions are traipsing to and fro over the Cumberland Plateau looking for old logging roads to surf and ply.  Well, not really, but I like to fantasize that they are.  We are on the verge of launching the Cave Run – Red River Gorge Mountain Bike Alliance (CRRRGMBA for short [see above]).  Lots of strings of letters in my life now.  Lots of strands in the Ol’ Duders head.

Leadville or Bust is steaming off the presses right now.  In a figurative sense; I mean, if you have poor grounding in your house your Kindle may get hot when you charge it, but otherwise Kindle publications don’t come hot off the presses. 

There is a print-on-demand version and I’m working on a better CreateSpace print-on-demand version that should look like a real book.  I got the proof in the mail yesterday and now my kids think I am a famous author.  Let ‘em believe whatever they want.  Bean teared up when she read the acknowledgements in the back.  I could see the gears in Boone’s head turning when I told him it only cost me six dollars (printing and shipping costs) to produce the book.  I informed him he was not allowed to create books on Amazon without his parents’ permission.  That kid could easily have grown up to be an evil genius if we’d just neglected him a little more.  I guess we still have time.
The proof is in the kitchen.
I try to keep it out of the pudding.
(with alternate CreateSpace cover)
That’s really the updates for now.  Spring has sprung and it’s only February.  A whacko reality TV show star is jacking around with the fate of the world.  But otherwise all is quiet on the Eastern Front.


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