Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Winter Light

The day is over.
There is still light in the sky.
I returned home.

The bike has waited
In darkness but not knowing
That I have bike plans.

Long sleeves for the chill.
Gloves tucked in jersey pocket
For the descending.

The GPS beeps;
Cleats snap into the pedals
Tires hum on pavement.

First I climb a hill. 
Then I climb the tall mountain.
Nose to the grindstone.

Gears drop like rocket
Stages falling from the sky.
Meditation time.

I leave the blacktop.
Signs tell me to go away.
I sing right to roam.

Light falls through the trees.
Winter bare branches cast shadows
Across the old road.

Sun shines bright on stone
A hole in the earth beckons.
Vistas swell the chest.

I spin the pedals.
Fat tires churn through flyrock.
Synapses flash burn.

Two laps or three again.
Grinning and spinning I ride.
Over my shoulder…

Winter light casts low
Pale white and grey shadows and
Clouds in a late sky.

Reluctant return
Drop back into the real world.
Pedal home again. 

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